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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Curly Hair Probs... No More

All my life I have always hated my curly hair. It was too frizzy, too wild, always messy... but most of all it wasn't straight; which is what every girl who was "pretty" seemed to have. People with straight hair have it so easy. They don't have to spend endless amounts of money on hair products, they don't have to wake up and shower every morning to control the afro, they don't understand the concept of frizz taking over one's head, and lastly their hair can look great even if they don't try.  All of my life problems would be solved if I had straight hair... haha that sounds so ridiculous thinking about it now. So about a month ago I decided to stop worrying about my hair that frizzes out and too start embracing the fact that I have beautiful curls.

 Before, I was always anxious about the way my hair looked. When someone would ask me if I loved my hair I would instantly say no or it was okay, because who would love a mess that can't be tamed. Countless times I have heard people say that they would kill for my hair... or that they pay thousands spending money on perms to get my volume and curls and it took awhile for me to actually realize that they are right. My boyfriend constantly says how much he loves it and how it is beautiful. So it took me sometime before I came to the conclusion that sure the curls can be a pain in the butt but they also make me, me. And I have a new found appreciation for them. So instead of complaining and hating my curls; I'm going to be more accepting and love the skin I'm in.
The Works... (I don't use all of these every day)
 I have used tons of hair products in lifetime. And I have found the one hair product that is my secret weapon. My friend, Charlotte who has similar hair to me uses Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioner. She swears by it so I decided to give it a shot. and WOW. I'm in love with this frizz weapon. I also use gel with it to style it and keep the curls contained. So maybe I have just found the perfect concoction to make my curls look stunning. But whatever it is, I am happy to say that I have curly hair that can't always be controlled and doesn't always look perfect but that's okay. Because although its not pin straight and what every other girl has; I am unique. No curl on my head is the same as the others, and no curl on my head is identical to another's. And that is enough for me.

I have blue eyes and blonde hair. I like to make crafts and cook lots of food. I like to give back to society and smile whenever I can. I am outgoing and like to make people laugh. I also like to organize things and take care of others. In my friend group I am always considered to be the mom, which I don't know is good or bad. I'm a perfectionist and strive for excellence. 

And I have curly hair and I don't care. :)

To anyone who has a "flaw" with their body, just take a step back and learn to accept it and love it. That "flaw" makes you, you; and maybe you'll come to see that it isn't even that big of an issue that you made it out to be. It has taken me 18 years to love my curls and I can't tell you how good it feels too not worry about how they look. 

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