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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Extra-Cash at the Bottom of Your Receipt

I am always looking for the sales when I shop! I do my best to find the best deals possible and hey who wouldn't want to save extra bucks or better yet get free things!! 

Here is a great tip that will save you money that you might not have even know you had the option to save. Usually it involves a quick five-minute survey but to me that is totally worth it!

The best deal I have found has been from Chick-Fil-A... if you get a survey on the bottom and you fill it out and get your confirmation code then you can get a free Chick-Fil-A sandwich! The only down-side to this is that it does expire which I found out the hard way, but who can pass up an opportunity to get a free sandwich!

Other deals I have found include CVS's ExtraBucks Rewards and from clothing stores $15 bucks off with filling out of a survey! Some grocery stores also do money off of a purchase!!

Just remember to get the confirmation code and put it at the bottom of your receipt so it is validated/ and watch out for expiration dates!

Please let me know if you know of other great money-saver options at the bottom of receipts so I can include them here. Thanks!


  1. Nice, Alex! Ya know I "never have time" to fill out those surveys but maybe I'll have to start...

    1. Thanks, Trevin! When you get back to the States you should give it a shot! The majority of them only take 5 minutes so that's pretty nice!


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