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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hall Program Ideas For RA's

Starting August 7th I will be embarking on another wonderful year away at college. I will be a sophomore and with this new year comes new responsibilities and new challenges.  

I will be a resident assistant to sophomore and junior girls. I will be discovering the challenges and benefits to being in the honors program and taking honors classes. I will miss my boyfriend like crazy as we learn how to make a long distant relationship work.

Although I am nervous for what lies ahead I am also incredibly EXCITED!! I have faith in myself, my studies, and my relationship. I plan on making these next 9 months memorable. 

To start off right I decided I would plan some possible hall program ideas:
I have 22 right now but the list is growing as I am thinking and hearing about more ideas
  1. Handprint canvases/ ice breakers/ getting to know RA & Each other **
  2. Door Decorating Competition - Halloween or Christmas **
  3. Microwave Cook Off-- Three Judges to see who can make the best (something)
  4. Memory Jar- Residents fill it as the year goes by and at the end of the year you read them all
  5. Secret Santa- Christmas
  6. Valentine's Day Party
  7. Cards for Saint Jude's Hospital- Christmas **
  8. At Dorm Spa-- Hair Masks, nails, face masks, etc **
  9. Nature Hike-- Grotto, Indian Lookout
  10. Baby Photo Guessing Game
  11. Unbirthday Party- Pick a month with little to no birthday and have a birthday party
  12. Messy Twister- Twister with paint!
  13. Karaoke
  14. Donuts on Mardi Gras & Learn about Mardi Gras traditions **
  15. At the end of the year- The Final Hour what you still want to do
  16. wii Bowling Tournament
  17. Community Service Day- Sandwich Saturdays **
  18. Christmas Time- Random Acts of Kindness Cards **
  19. Sundae Sundays-- Ice cream Party!
  20. Warm and Fuzzy Night
  21. Movie Night
  22. Spring Flower Power Night  **

The events with (**) are programs I definitely plan on doing! At the Mount we have to tie our programs around our 4 pillars Faith, Discovery, Leadership, and Community so I just have to make sure that the programs idea fit at least one of them!

Current or New RA's if you like any of the ideas I have listed please use them! And if anyone has any cool ideas they would recommend please leave a comment and a cool story to go along with it I am all ears!


  1. Hey Alex! Even though I'm not an RA, I know the girls in my hall last year liked the idea of a weekly bible study/reading. Maybe if enough people were interested, you could pick a day where everyone comes together either in the hall or a room and you read a few passages and then reflect. It would obviously be tied into the Faith pillar; they would need to provide their own bible. I have faith that you will be a great RA!

    1. Lauren, that is such a great idea. I know the Mount does bible studies which is why I figured I wouldn't need to make a program out of it, but that would be so nice and a lot more personable!

      Thanks so much for your feedback!!


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