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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dorm Decorations For Cheap

Here are some cheap decoration ideas that you can use in any space! 

And if you are on a college student budget these are excellent decorations that won't hurt your savings and will decorate any room and don't take a long time to make!

The Hand-Made Coasters-- $1 each

The Supplies: 
-- 16 cent tile from Home-Depot
-- Scrap Book paper; I got mine for 50 cents from Michaels-- and I bought in bulk so I could make tons of coasters for friends and family
-- Felt
-- Hot Glue / Regular Glue- Elmers works great!
-- Mod Podge
-- Acrylic Spray
-- Scissors

1) Cut out a 4X4 piece scrap book paper and glue it with regular clue to the tile. Be careful because the paper will bubble up and it won't give you the ideal coaster look. 
2) After the paper is glued and dried to the tile, apply the mod podge with a brush. This will seal the deal so to speak. 
3) After the mod podge is totally dry then go outside and spray the acrylic spray. This stuff is flammable so avoid open flames!!
4) The once the product is totally dried, cut out a piece of felt and hot glue it to the bottom of the tile

Home-made coaster to put on my desk! You can pick
any color scrap book paper to match your color

Wall-Decorations -- $8 each

The Supplies: 
-- Scrap book paper
-- 12X12 (or any size) canvas
-- Glue
-- Scissors

1) Pick a color scheme out of scrap book paper. 
2) Glue your scrapbook paper to the canvas
3) You may need to use scissors to trim the sides if they run over a bit!
4) Hang on the wall-- it's that easy!

**In a college dorm room you can hang these with command strips! Yes it's that easy!!**
I chose pretty neutral colors revolving around blue. My color scheme for bedding
is raspberry, blue, and green. So with the neutral wall decorations it makes the room
come alive in a cute and mature way!!

 I am just thinking of more decoration ideas so don't forget to visit this post again for more cheap decoration ideas! :)

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