Radiating Sunshine: It's Moving Day

Friday, May 22, 2015

It's Moving Day

The day is finally here, ladies and gents! It's moving day! Today, my mom and I are driving 2 hours to pick up my keys and check out my new apartment. We're going to move in some stuff, take inventory of what I need to survive, and start making my new apartment home! We're going to do the big chunk of moving stuff tomorrow (when Josh is off work), but today I will get to see my apartment for the first time. 
It feels weird... growing up, moving out, and getting a job. It has been something I have been looking forward to for years now, but now that it is here it feels weird. I'm so excited for my new position at Shippensburg and the opportunity to get a great education and to grow as an individual. I'm excited to have my own kitchen and to cook/bake delicious things for my friends, family, and staff members. One aspect that I think I'm really looking forward to with the move is the new landscape. Although, I love MD and the woods/farms I grew up in... I'm even more excited to move to PA and be close to Apple Country and watch apple harvest. Shippensburg is surrounded by rolling farmland, which I'm really eager to enjoy!

So, here is to the next crazy adventure I'll be on! I promise that hopefully when I have a more stable routine, I'll be able to blog more regularly.

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