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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm Moved All In

This will be a really brief post (and won't have any apartment pictures--sorry), but I just wanted to let you all know that I am completely moved in! It feels weird being all moved in and typing this from my apartment (which, is totally awesome)!
 Moving in went really well! I'm super thankful to my mom and Josh! They helped me out so much and I couldn't have done it without them! My mom literally scrubbed every dish and helped me organize my kitchen-- she has the kitchen at home laid out so well and there is no one else I would rather have help organize mine than her! Josh is quite the handy man-- he got my tv working and my Brita Filter... not to mention he did the majority of the heavy lifting!!
 A few weeks back, I had planned a surprise 21st Birthday Party for Josh since I would be away for his actual birthday! So, with the help of his mom and all of his aunts/family/friends we pulled off one heck of a surprise party on Saturday. Earlier that day he was helping me move in and I told him I wanted to spend Saturday night at his place with his family... he had no idea I meant his entire family.
This guy literally means the world to me and I'm so glad I pulled off the surprise... there were so many moments where I almost ruined it, but I watched what I said and his sister helped me create a whole night of plans to sidetrack him.
 Moving out has been quite bittersweet for me... now I officially live on my own and I had to say goodbye to my family, the puppies, friends, and Josh! Thankfully I'm only a short drive away and we will still be able to see each other pretty regularly. Maybe not as regularly as I would like, but that's life!
 On our last night together, we got milkshakes/ice cream and walked on our favorite walking path. We admired all of the cute ducks and the beautiful sunsets. I can truly say that post-graduate and adult life has begun for me and I'm so thankful I have such an amazing man to experience the journey with!

I promise I'll upload apartment pictures when I get back from my staff retreat... until next time!

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  1. Awww I love that you pulled off the surprise!! That cake looks amazing :) Have a great week, and enjoy getting all settled.


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