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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Baby Adventure

Last week, Josh and I went on a post-graduate celebratory adventure! Back in March we were talking about what we wanted to do with the two weeks I had before moving to Shippensburg, PA. We talked about maybe going to Williamsburg, VA or another city with a combination of fun, learning, and good food (oh and maybe some baseball)! Josh mentioned maybe going to Philadelphia and that night he saw that the Pirates would be in Philly the week we wanted to go away! So, we took it as a sign and started searching for a hotel and planning our itinerary. 
 We only made lists of things we wanted to do... like eat cheesesteaks, go to a Phillies game, see the LOVE statue, The Liberty Bell, and maybe do a tour of some kind. We wanted to leave the few days we were going to be there relatively unscheduled... but, still productive! We probably won't come back to Philly for awhile, so it was important we make the most of our time there while we had it!
 Our first stop (after successfully getting into the city) was the LOVE Statue! We picked up some brochures, got cheesesteaks, paid $26 for 3 hours of parking and had a ball! We got to the LOVE statue at the perfect time and the lines weren't long at all! We then drove around the city and learned where everything was.

After we got acquainted we checked in to the hotel... or the inn! We stayed at the Alexander Inn on 12th Street and it was lovely! We then found some cheap street parking and walked a few blocks to the Liberty Bell.
Of course we had to take an obligatory selfie with the Liberty Bell! The last time I was in Philadelphia for some site seeing, I was with my grandpa. I even bought this little mini- Liberty Bell and have it on my shelf! It has been almost eight years since I bought that little bell. Unfortunately, while we were in Philly we never made it into Independence Hall... the walk up tickets were always gone when we got there :( but, we made the best of it! 
After our first day was coming to a close, we drove to Citizens Bank Park to watch the Phillies take on the Pirates. This was the first time Josh and I were at the Phillies' stadium, so we got in really early to do some exploring. We had dinner inside the stadium (hot dogs-- our personal faves) and crab fries (a Phillies stadium delicacy). We even bought some ice cream! This was probably the most we have ever bought in a stadium (thank goodness for the power tickets that Josh bought)... however, I wouldn't have changed anything! The Pirates won and Cutch got a homerun. Josh taught me how to keep the book (F-9, L-8) and it was the perfect night. Josh thinks I'm a little good luck charm now that his Pirates did so well!
On Wednesday, Josh and I went to the zoo! This was probably one of the best zoos I have ever been too. For starters, the Philadelphia Zoo was the first zoo, which is pretty cool. The animals were also really lively... usually when I go to a zoo the animals are asleep. But, not this time. We saw so many cute animals like otters and monkeys! I really liked that a lot of the animals that live there were rescued or are endangered. It was a great zoo experience all around!
That sign doesn't lie! So HOT!
I mean seriously! I got to go to the zoo with this cutie... I loved exploring Philadelphia with this guy. We had so much fun we even forgot to eat lunch! Before I knew it we were boarding a site seeing bus for a tour around the city (which, was totally awesome) and I realized we hadn't eaten anything all day! The walk back from Independence Hall was chilly and exhausting-- probably because of the wind and the lack of food. And even though we were tired, we got all dressed up and went out on the town. 
 We had a beautiful date night out! We went to this little cafe, which serves Chimay- a trappist beer. I tried that beer at a beer tasting and when I saw the sign I knew we had to go! After I had my Chimay and Josh had some soup... we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. The rest of the night we spent snuggling up watching tv and relaxing our food babies!

The adventure flew by and it makes me so sad knowing it was over! The trip went way to quickly and I learned so many great things about this handsome guy and about the city of Philadelphia.

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