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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fall Welcome Week

Happy Fall Welcome Week! The last few weeks of August is an important time for most colleges and universities... and it's called welcome week. This is an opportunity where new students move in and we plan a bunch of fun activities for them so they don't go out drinking. Most of them involve free food or prizes and they serve a great purpose on the college campus. I love Fall Welcome Week and it was awesome experiencing welcome week at a new university. I wish I could have gone to more things, but my building is mixed housing-- so we opened throughout the weekend! Some of the things that Ship did during fall welcome week, was an ice-cream party, carnival, and breakfast bingo (late night)! It's fun meeting new students and kind of sad knowing that statistically some of them won't continue their education for variety of reasons!
Bulletin Board of the Month!
The fall is such a special time for my job! It is theorized that the first 6 weeks of the semester are the most, because this is when students/residents begin making impressions, meeting people, and choosing who they want to be in college. "Fitting In" is a huge deal for the majority of college students. So, I am working really hard to make sure everyone has a voice and people enjoy themselves and learn while living in my building.

Fall welcome week also comes with the onset of residence hall room supplies and items being sold at a ton of stores. I love walking through the isles and remembering what was in my section when I was a first year student (which, was officially four years ago yesterday)! I also love looking at the items someone should never buy... like bed raisers (they are band on almost every college campus). I feel bad for all of these worried parents and annoyed first year students when they arrive and are told they can't use what one of the "200 Things to Buy for your Dorm Room" items from a list they found online. I also chuckle quite a bit at how much of a business "college shopping" has become! When I left, I felt like I kept the expenses at a minimum. Sure there were some purchases and things that I never really needed like a 20 pack of Double AA Batteries or 5 travel mugs. In reality, I used maybe four batteries all year and only one mug that I just washed every day. I also get a good laugh at the way some of these items are marketed... for example the mini-fridge you see above. How many college students do you know have apples (that look like tomatoes), olives, a small bottle of milk, and SUN DROP in their fridge? Looks like this fridge needs to be updated... maybe with a bigger jug of milk?
And one of the final reasons why I love Fall Welcome Week is because of all of the guest speakers. I love getting educated for free... probably why I watch so many Ted Talks. Anyways, fall welcome week is full of great speakers, who try to enlighten the audience. We had Lori Hart come talk to use about the differences between men and women and how all of this plays a role in consent and drinking. I don't remember laughing so hard in my entire life. She discussed the stereotypes behind the two identities/genders and called on the audience to discuss why men and women act the way they do. I wish Josh was sitting next to me, because I felt like her talk would have given him some insight into my crazy-multi-tasking mind!

I have loved my first as an RD and am so excited for the rest of this semester! Fall Welcome Weeks can definitely drain a college's budget, but are so important in the long run for the safety of their students, for retention rates, and for my entertainment (probably the most important reason-- JK)!

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