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Thursday, August 13, 2015

1st RA Training as an RD

So, we are smack dab in the middle of RA Training and it's going great!! This whole week has been such a great learning experience for me. RA Training looks completely different when you are the person who is planning it, answering emails, running to meetings, and debriefing with the RAs. I've really enjoyed getting to know all of my RAs and working on the inner design of training.
I've realized that now that I have access to a Starbucks on my campus, it has slowly become an afternoon staple treat during training. I ordinarily wouldn't purchase Starbucks this regularly because it's so expensive. But, the Starbucks employees are being trained this week... which, means free coffee and or really delicious refresher drink things! When I was an RA, I thought training was exhausting. I'm a pretty extroverted person, so I re-charged with others... but, the constant on-the-go aspect of training really wore me down. Exhaustion has taken on a new form as an RD! I swear every morning is a struggle... but, nothing a little music, a hot shower, a cup pot of coffee, and time with my staff can't fix!
One aspect of RA Training that I loved as an RA and as an RD is all of the team builders/initiatives! I have learned quite a few new ones over these last two days and am loving it!! I'm not sure why I love initiatives... but, my favorite ones are when we all run around and can be as active as possible. It's definitely needed when you sit in a chair all day!
At Ship, we have a tradition that each staff decorates a flag and carries it with them to all of the trainings to boost staff spirit. This year my staff received the color orange and chose to decorate their flag like this! My heart swelled when they came up with the word "Radiating." I knew I had to include this flag in this post!
My mentors/buddies
Going through RA Training as an RD is a completely new experience for me. Last year when I held a leadership position on my staff I wasn't required to have all of the answers... this year I am! My staff looks to me to offer them support, provide them with the answers to Res. Life, and field all of their unique and challenging questions. I have loved building rapport with my staff members and I am so excited to continue working on staff development! I have some big things planned for this year and I am over the moon about everything I am experiencing. My RAs and fellow RDs are great and I cannot wait to be apart of an incredible staff!

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