Radiating Sunshine: How About a Two Week Recap?

Monday, August 10, 2015

How About a Two Week Recap?

How can it already be August? It felt like this summer flew by! As I sit on my couch, the last night before RA Training, I am completely blown away with how quickly this summer has gone. Now, I know summer doesn't officially end for a few more weeks... but, the end of August for a Student Affairs professional basically means work/the office is crazy!

So, I really enjoyed my last weekend/ week before RAs and residents move in. Josh and I went to Ocean City, MD for a weekend away with his family. We lovedspending time at the beach. This was our first beach trip together. So, naturally we loved our long walks and taking little naps on the beach. 
We even knocked off an item on my bucket list, which was to watch the sunrise on the beach. I've been going to Ocean City for years... decades even and I have never taken the time to watch the sunrise. It is amazing to me how much you can get done when you watch the sunrise. We woke up around 5:30AM and boogied on down to the beach. We sat and enjoyed some alone time and watched the gift of a new day begin.
After the sunrise, we headed back to the hotel we were staying at and woke up his dad and his sister. We rallied the troops and headed down to the boardwalk to go on a bike ride... another thing I have never done. When my friends and I went to Senior Week, we always talked about waking up early and biking on the boardwalk, but we never did it. Probably because we wanted to sleep in! I would definitely recommend vacationers to bike ride on the board walk! It's a great way to start your day off exercising and you can people watch. Oh and you can also get delicious donuts that look like these!
Fractured Prune Donuts: Blueberry Hill {Left} & Trail Mix {Right}
Josh and I had a really wonderful weekend together. It was nice being able to catch up with him and just have some Josh & Alex time. The only thing we didn't get to do was go on the Ferris Wheel! We have been trying to for over a year now and something always comes up. I guess we will have to add that to next summer's bucket list!
It is going to be awhile until Josh and I see each other next. He was away this past week and between both of our jobs and the fact that I will be working until 9:30-10:00PM most nights until the end of August, there's just no wiggle room to see each other. I know going a few weeks really isn't that big of a deal and we will be doing it a lot this upcoming year. But, I can't help but feel the sad-i-miss-my-boyfriend feelings! It's been a little over a week and it has felt like a lifetime... but, that could be due to the fact that this past week I MOVED!

And this is all my stuff... can you imagine if I had Josh's too!
I promise to provide pictures of my newest place once life settles down and I have a moment to finish organizing. I really miss my old apartment, particularly the kitchen/bathroom. However, this new place has some definite charm and it's nice knowing that this will be my home until May. Moving three times in four months really isn't the most ideal situation, so I'm excited to write about tips that I found beneficial in the process.


  1. So much moving going on, but at least you're settled now! Can't wait to see photos :) That sunrise and those donuts look amazing!

    1. Thanks Meg! I can't wait to post pics when I'm officially settled :)


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