Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 8/31/15

Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Recap 8/31/15

I can't believe tomorrow is September! This summer just blew right on by and Fall is practically upon us! I love Fall, so this whole weekend I have been doing a lot of cleaning and shopping to prepare for this season! Now that I have my own home to decorate, I'm really excited to see what I can collect to decorate this space with. Anyways, here is how Josh and I spent out wonderful (duty) weekend together.
 On Saturday, we went to the annual Corn Fest in downtown Shippensburg, PA! I love going to festivals. I really enjoy walking around and looking at all of the crafts from local vendors. I love eating the food and just getting lost in the sea of people. Corn Fest was definitely one of the biggest festivals I have ever been too! My parents came up and we all probably walked at least 3 miles. It was so cool walking down a street that would ordinarily have cars and traffic on it.
And naturally at Corn Fest, you need to eat corn dogs and corn fritters. After buying lunch, I think I chose the wrong business to get into... for 2 corn dogs, corn fritters, and two lemonades it cost us $24! These food trucks are racking in the cash and I was completely mind blown. Not sure how I would like giving up every Saturday/Sunday of my weekend's to sell fried foods, but its one heck of a business idea! Especially when you can sell a lemonade for $5!
We couldn't have asked for a prettier day! Since classes/work has fully begun for the both of us, we don't get to spend too much time out and about. So, a day spent in the sun was the perfect way to spend a Saturday to me! Now if only we had a local pool to cool off at :)
 After Corn Fest, Josh and I came back to my apartment and we watched some football. We are ready for Fall and football to officially begin. I took my usual football watching nap, which I'm sure will become my favorite thing to do this fall on the weekend. I made sloppy joes, green beans, coleslaw, and rolls (from a package) for dinner. It was quite a delicious and hearty meal and sloppy joes are definitely a way to our hearts. I also lit my Glade Fall/Pumpkin Candle and am so in love with the smell. They are currently 5% off at Target using the CartWheel app! Go check it out because it smells heavenly.
And the candle inspired me to bake an apple pie! This is the first pie of the season and it turned out so good. I bought this blue pie dish from TJ Maxx a few months back and am so excited to start using it more frequently.
 On Sunday, I went to the local Planet Fitness and purchased a membership! I feel like a full adult now by paying my bills, having an apartment, a car, mail to sort through, and now a gym membership. I'm really excited to continue getting fit throughout the fall and winter months. The facility is really nice and my goal is to go twice a week! I've never been one to take the "before body" pictures and then the "after body" pictures, but I'm really committed to not only maintaining, but improving my figure throughout graduate school. I've heard Graduate School, especially as an RD, can be really hard on people's figures. So, I'm being proactive and committed to my health!
And lastly on Sunday night I did some Fall decorating! I really want to decorate for every season and I purchased some cute decorations while I was at Corn Fest. It's crazy thinking that I have started my collection of decorations that I will probably continue to use when I have my own house and my own kids! I'm looking forward to collecting more decorations throughout the fall and maybe getting some hand-me downs too.

I feel so incredibly blessed for every thing I was able to do this weekend. I felt like even though I was on duty/call I still managed to do a lot of fun things like walk around and deliver cookies to all of the RAs on Duty. I feel so incredibly thankful that we had a safe duty weekend and hopefully this trend will continue throughout the semester.

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