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Friday, June 6, 2014

The Day We Spent Walking

So, yesterday my roommate, Noelle and I decided that we wanted to really explore Salzburg and by doing this we had to walk EVERYWHERE. Now, I'm sure you're thinking, 'big deal they walked a couple of places...' well, as we found out it wasn't as easy and (or) glamorous as we thought. 

After we got out of class, we packed a bagged lunch (lunchmeat sandwiches from the Billa) and headed to the lake where the Sound of Music house was partly filmed at. The walk was really nice! We knew the basic direction on where to go and we used our memory from what we saw while on top of Untersberg to successfully get us there. 

After walking a couple of miles we found the perfect bench and we set up for lunch with a wonderful view. The lake was gorgeous and what's not to love about that house! While eating lunch we also attracted many friends. The ducks came to hang out and when we had some leftover bread it was a full on feeding frenzy! I even got hissed at by a duck!! Who knew ducks could hiss? Anyways, the aggressive ducks got no bread from me and all the cute little baby ducks or the ducks that waited patiently got all of my bread and attention--- maybe that is just my inner psychology major doing some positive reinforcements? 

Once our bread supply was depleted we decided to walk into town. The only thing that helped guide us into town was the big fortress that sat on top of the mountain. We ended up going several blocks too far and walked through the University of Salzburg's campus, which was pretty cool. When we finally found the Augistiner brewery, we knew where to go from there and made it into town.

Once in the city we came across some fresh markets which are in a lot of the city's squares during the week. We went into a Franciscan church which was beyond beautiful (pictures to follow). We walked down almost every alley in search of cheap postcards and we just enjoyed window shopping and getting to the heart of Salzburg. 

We saw really really cool statues like this pickle for example! I definitely thought of my friend, Hannah when I saw this. There is no doubt in my mind that if Hannah was with me, she would be posing with this pickle!

After a lot of walking we decided to take a quick snack break. We stopped at the famous Cafe Tomaselli, which was built in 1705! The cafe has seen so much history and their pastries and desserts were to die for! Noelle and I split this chocolate truffle cake and we sat on the second floor veranda for an excellent view. 

Then, we decided to keep on walking. Around 6pm we had dinner. Finally after 5 days I found a salad! I feel like since I've been in Austria my vegetable servings have been very minimal. At breakfast they serve fruit which has been lovely. But, you can't go wrong with a delicious salad! I also got sausage wrapped in bacon, so I think that might have canceled out the salad but, while in Austria right?

Around 7pm, Noelle and I made the trek home. We really contemplated hopping on the bus because we were both exhausted but, we went the whole day without it so we knew we just had to keep on walking. There was a lot of exhausted laughter but, we did get a chance to marvel over a beautiful sunset too.

There was something really nice about exploring the city on foot. We didn't have a map or wifi so, we just went for it. I feel like now a days people are always so dependent on their phones (me included) to get them from point a to b, but yesterday Noelle and I weren't those people. Instead we used some verbal directions, the fortress on a mountain, a brewery, Untersberg, and the sun as reference points. And even though we walked probably 8 miles total and my feet have two huge blisters I loved every second of exploring Salzburg on foot.

Plus, burning off those beer calories was definitely an added bonus!


  1. Did you make it to Mirabelle Gardens or see Mozart's house? I loved Salzburg... I was there ten years ago and the president had just died, so Arnold Schwarzenneger was in town to pay his respects and we kept bumping into him! Love your pictures, looks like you're having fun : )

  2. Awh thanks! And I have made it to Mirabelle Gardens once, I'll probably start doing homework there in the afternoons! And I'm waiting to go to Mozart's house until I have a free afternoon. I'm really excited about it. And no way, that is sad about the president but cool about Arnold Schwarzennager!!!


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