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Monday, June 30, 2014

Drinking Abroad

So, as I promised earlier this week here is the "drinking" post... I have spent over a month in Europe and have realized that drinking is truly apart of the culture here. There are no open container policies and the drinking age is sixteen, but drinking is viewed differently here. Sure, you'll have your clubs and bars but, for the most part drinking is a social activity. So, no "turn down for what" stories will be found in this post-- i'm sorry to disappoint!

So, I thought I would start this post off by discussing the struggle to find 'still' water and to find free water... I'm not a fan of sparkling water or seltzer (never have, and never will) anyways, I'm all about still or tap wasser (water). So, for the first few days like the idiot I am I paid for water... then I discovered I can fill up my water bottles at fountains with drink symbols... and the number of gelatos I was able to have increased significantly. While in Europe you usually can't just order water for free like in the States, most of the time it costs anywhere from 70 cents to three euros depending if it comes from a fancy bottle, like the one you see above. Anyways, I stopped paying for water 4 weeks ago and have loved it!
So, while studying abroad I discovered my favorite beer, the Hofbrauhaus (From Munich). I only had this beer one time while in Germany but, as soon as I tasted it I knew it was meant to be... my other favorite beer would probably have to be the Stiegl Grapefruit Radler! I'm gonna miss that beer so much. 
I love having tea in Europe! It comes on a cute little tray and usually has freshly steamed milk on the side. I kind of like how it is really fancy and I feel so sophisticated when I drink it.

But, if we're gonna talk about sophistication then the champaign at the opera definitely takes the cake! I don't know what the champagne was called but, it was definitely one of the best champagnes I have ever had. It was so good I want to serve it at my very very very future wedding. Anyways, I guess for 6 euros a glass it better be pretty darn good. 

The coffee has been on point! I literally have loved having coffee so regularly... I didn't think anything could out do my classic coffee with some french vanilla creamer but, boy Europe has knocked me off my feet. I'm gonna miss my daily cappuccinos more than anything! Plus, I really like heart shaped things <3
At dinner in Bolzano we ordered a Weissburgunder white wine and it was so delicious! I loved it so much I bought my own bottle. The next day I went to a wine tasting and I learned that the Prunar is from a local cantina. 

If you saw my post about Bolzano, then you know that finding my way to the cantina/winery was quite the adventure... but the wine we tasted definitely made up for it! We tasted 8 different wines and ended with a delicious moscato. 
I've given so much love to wine in this post, so now it is time to switch to beer. While in Europe I have tried many different beers, and let me just say Austrian beer kicks American beer to the curb. I know you might get mad at me for saying that and feel free to call me un-American, but nothing can beat a classic Stiegl beer. But, I must say I'm not a huge fan of the wheat beers. I think they are just a little to dense and thick for me. I also have a great coaster collection that I can't wait to create something super cute with. 

The eizcaffe have also been on point. Its like a coffee milkshake and I can't get enough of them! They often come with little cookies on top and they are so delectable. This eizcaffe was taken in Vienna at the famous Cafe Demel and that was probably one of my favorites I've had while here. But, the eizcaffes are really sweet so if you're a black coffee drinking I wouldn't recommend it. 
We've had several picnics outside our school and usually people bring cheese, sausage, and wine! So, we have been quite classy drinking our 2 euro merlots in a plastic cups. These have been some of the best and cheapest dinners I have had while in Europe and I'm gonna miss it so much when I go home. 
And last but not least I wanted to include the post with a traditional and only found in Salzburg beer, called the Augustiner. The Augustiner is a brewery that was originally founded by monks in Salzburg. They have a beautiful beer garden and I have made so many great memories sitting out under the beautiful green trees with a liter of beer. If you're ever in Salzburg, I definitely recommend you check out this place... they also sell really good food so, it's a double win!
I loved the wine in Europe and I loved knowing that the wine I was drinking came from vineyards within walking distance, but I'm definitely going to miss the beer. Hopefully, I'll be able to find a liquor store that sells Stiegl in the US, otherwise I might go through withdrawal :p


  1. I love this post!! Drinking was really fun for me in Europe because the first time I studied abroad, I wasn't 21 so I had a little extra fun lol. However, the most fun we really had was the occasional beer either walking around the town or in the town playground at night... we were real partiers!! And YES about the water... I was dehydrated for basically a month straight the second time I was there. I got SO sick of mineral water and hated wasting so much money on any type of water!!

    1. I know! I bought a britta water bottle and that really helped me get through on the water issues. and I miss the beer so much


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