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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Eating Abroad

So, I'm gonna apologize up front... if you a) don't like food b) are hungry and seeing food may torture you c) don't like long blog posts with pictures or d) all of they above then this post is not for you... 

but, if you are okay with seeing delicious pictures of food and my take on eating abroad then feel free to grab a snack and hang out for awhile :) oh and I'll be doing a "Drinking Abroad" post too, so look for that in the next few days!
The apfel studel has definitely been my go to dessert! Combine that with some vanilla gelato and you have my favorite meal hands down. I even got an apfel studel recipe so, I can bake some for my family and J!
(Taken on top of Untersberg after exploring the mountain)
Sausages... studying abroad in Austria has been a little brutal in the category! I'm not the biggest fan of sausage and when every meat you taste reminds you of the sausage you had for dinner, you start to get a little sick of it! But, I've kind of have found an appreciation for sausage and I've been enjoying the 3 euro dinners. 
One thing I have loved is all the fresh markets that are available in the cities! It really makes me wish I lived here because I would just buy fresh produce every day. 
The struggle to find vegetables has been real... I have a new found appreciation for salads and just fresh vegetables!
(Taken at a local restaurant)
and whenever a restaurant serves vegetable dumplings... you must always get them because they are delicious!
(Taken at restaurant on Fortress)
I'm a soup fanatic at home and it has been such a treat to try the different soups over here! The one in this picture was the garlic cream soup and it was divine. (Taken in Vienna)
Going out all the time is expensive and we only get served breakfast at AIS, so my lunches have included grapes, cheese and crackers, apples, nutella sandwiches, etc. But, you would be amazed how much 5 euros can buy you from the local billa (grocery store)!
pizza pizza pizza! The best pizza was definitely in Italy (no shocker there) but, I did try pizza in Salzburg and Vienna too!
Also, one thing I did learn here is that the pepperoni pizza is an American idea and in Europe they serve salami as their pepperoni pizza and their margherita pizza is basically a cheese pizza; kind of cool all the pizza culture differences!
I loved all the food we had in Italy! Including this delicious mozzarella penne dish... this was my last meal in Bolzano and I definitely wouldn't have had it any other way! Oh and add a cup of parmesan and I'm golden. 
My favorite meal of the trip was schnitzel... whether it came with french fries (pommes), fried potatoes, spätzle, or potato salad it was always so good! I'm definitely a big fan of the lemon and cranberry on top combo as well.
(Taken at Humboldt in Salzburg)
This is what my breakfast looked like... I'm really starting to miss scrambled eggs but, with a fresh cappuccino every day and really fresh rolls it can't get much better than that! (Taken at AIS)
GELATO... I seriously won't use a public bathroom because I would rather spend money on gelato. I have loved every flavor and I'm gonna miss gelato so much. (Taken in Vienna)
My favorite soup is the Salzburger Potato Soup served at the Humboldt. I also have the recipe for potato soup that I'm gonna try out, but it probably won't be as good as this soup is! 
And you can't go abroad without trying their fast food! Not gonna lie McDonalds is ten times better over here and the tomatoes that come on the sandwiches actually look real! I think I've eaten McDonalds more often in the past month than I have in the past year. (Taken in Salzburg)
The dish you see above is called Tröler Gröst and is a Austrian classic! I honestly only ordered it for the egg on top but, it wasn't that bad. It is definitely not something I would order often, because it was just smothered in butter and oil. But, maybe after a long day skiing or a really cold winter night I imagine this meal would warm you right up!
I've also tried some local kebab places... and I must say I'm a big fan of the mystery meat (I'm pretty sure its lamb) but for three euros it is pretty much the simplest dinner I've ever had! Cheap and cheerful is the way too life.  
Also, I'm sorry if you've gotten to the bottom of this post and are really disappointed by the lack of chocolate in this post! I promise I've tried European chocolate and I love it, I just never think to take a picture of it because I'm to busy eating it... but, if I had to choose my favorite chocolate so far it would probably be the Fürst Chocolate Balls that I got a few weeks back. They were perfect and I'm definitely gonna bring home some chocolate for my family!

I have loved trying so many new things while I've been abroad. I've realized that I'm really glad I'm not a vegetarian because I think I would starve to death over here. I have also discovered that if I never eat another lunch meat sandwich for the rest of my life that would be okay. I'm definitely gonna miss all the fresh and unprocessed food when I move back home... but, for now I'm gonna eat as much of the Austrian food as I can get my hands on!

Oh, and when I do get home I think I'm gonna request that my first meal be Chick-Fil-A because I miss good ole' chicka so badly!!


  1. omg everything in this post is perfect! the food looks amazingly good (im hungry now) but not worries, even if feel tortured i forgive you :)
    great blog, im following you.

    1. Thanks Orly for the comment and the follow! I seriously get so hungry every time I review the post. I'm gonna miss the food so much when I return to the states!

  2. Oh my goodness! All of that looks so delicious! Looks like your having a blast!

    1. Thanks Kirstie! I'm having a blast and eating my way through Europe ;)

  3. YUM YUM YUM YUM!!! That pasta with mozz in Italy and schnitzel look AMAZING!! I'd looove to go to Italy someday!


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