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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


One of the best things about life is who you share it with. I am beyond grateful that God has just endlessly blessed me with some of the greatest friends on the planet! To start, I'm really excited to say that this past year has been friend filled. I got to watch two of my friends get married (Bobby & Hannah), I visited my friend Matt (top picture-- the guy on the right) in VA, I hosted the annual July reunion, and went to a baby shower for Liz (top picture -- the couple on the left). There are so many exciting things happening in my friend group and I'm just really feeling grateful that I am still able to connect with my college friends a few times a year. 

Another exciting Summer happening was planning and hosting a bridal shower for my best friend from High School. Caitlin and I have been close friends since we were freshmen in High School and I cannot wait to stand by her in September as she says I do. Her shower was absolutely divine -- we hosted a bridal brunch, which included a pancake bar, donut holes, mini quiches, and lots of fruit!

No friend update post would be complete without featuring my bff, L. Lindsey and I have been so busy this summer and have been able to keep up our monthly tradition of weekending at one of our houses. We completed a Whole30 together and there is no better accountability partner than L. We also continued our legacy as sunshine twins by enjoying as much time as possible outdoors.
To end this friend post I wanted to feature my oldest and dearest friend, Amanda! I'm so grateful that I have seen her multiple times this past year (it is hard when you live 3.5+ hours away and you're both in graduate school and working full time). Amanda is loving married life and is actually on her 2nd honeymoon right now in Disney! I'm looking forward to her getting back and J and I are hoping to plan a fun filled camping weekend with her hubby this Fall. 

Y'all friendship literally fills my cup up. I wish I could spend hours writing about each of the memories I made this past year, but for now little updates will have to do!

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