Radiating Sunshine: 3rd Apartment Reveal

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

3rd Apartment Reveal

I've lived in my new apartment for just about two months and it is finally starting to feel like home. I'm really excited to reveal this new space with you all. It is by far the biggest space that has been mine. I'm hoping to go into more detail of the every space at another time. So, today I'm going to give you all a little tour.
Welcome to my 3rd apartment! The door you see above is my front door and leads directly into the living/family room. I chose turquoise for this space! For the most part, when you "live in" (and work in Residence Life) your apartment comes furnished. So, often times I have to spice up the furniture I have been given (which, I view more as a gift then a problem). 
A lot of my decorations and pillows have traveled with me from various spaces and apartments. However, the wooden print that you see above my couch is from Target! I love how the colors go with the turquoise theme, but also have yellow and some warm colors intertwined. 

The kitchen is tucked in the back corner of the apartment. But, I love it! I wish I had more storage, which I think I'll write about in another post. But, it is a beautiful space that is fully equipped with updated appliances, including a dishwasher! This is my first apartment with a dishwasher and I am so beyond grateful!

Off the living room is my master bedroom! The master bedroom colors were inspired by my favorite color, navy blue! When designing this space, I wanted to go with navy blue and potentially a lavender. But, I found this gold bedspread from (wait for it) Target
Online it looks a lot more yellow than gold. But, I'm extremely grateful that it came out the way it did! The navy sheets are also from target and the accent pillow was picked up from Walmart to match
the black out "not so black out" curtains! 

Don't mind me in the mirror!
The bathroom was also designed to match the master! I chose the navy and striped shower curtain and the yellow/gold carpet. Bathmats are so over-rated! If I could do this space all over again,  I would have gotten a bigger carpet to cover up the entire bathroom floor.
Off the kitchen, is a hallway that leads to the guest bedroom, 2nd bathroom, and laundry closet! There is nothing to glamorous about the laundry room and guest bathroom, which most of the time serves as a storage closet (for my bike) and or an extreme clothing rack! 
The guest bedroom (i.e. Josh's territory) is quite quaint. It is still very much a work in progress. This space also serves as my craft room and office. So, yeah basically I need to find either a dresser to store all of this stuff or some way to store it all in an organized manner.
And there you have it! My 3rd apartment is definitely the biggest and the most exciting space! I'm really hoping I'll live here for the next two years, while I finish my graduate degree! But, who knows!


  1. Looks so great! Love the navy & the gold together! Dishwashers are definitely a wonderful thing!

    1. Thanks Kirstie! Loving my new space :)


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