Radiating Sunshine: How To Throw a Bachelorette Party

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How To Throw a Bachelorette Party

Today, I'll be sharing on this little blog of mine some tips and tricks to hosting a bachelorette weekend...Now for a quick disclaimer: I am not the Made of Honor, one of our friends Rosie is and she has done an absolutely stunning job! So, this post is partly written with all of her ideas that came to fruition and allowed for us to celebrate the bride in the best possible way!

Set Your Budget: Setting a budget is essential for any wedding planning! We had a set amount of money that we could use and this took some pressure off the bridal party. We also made sure that the bride did not have to pay for a thing while we were there. 

Pick Your Location: Consult with the bride and choose a location that works for her! Our bride, Amanda is a beach gal and had connections to a condo in Ocean City, MD! So, it made for an easy choice. Not to mention, having beer and pizza while sitting on the beach is definitely the best way to fortify friendships. 
Decorations: After the location has been decided, you have to start thinking about decorations! Rosie made the cutest baseball score board for the condo. The wedding theme is baseball (specifically Orioles) so it went wonderfully with the theme and it created a wonderful back drop for our photo shoots.

Also, bring a selfie stick because you'll need someone to take those excellent before pics!
Activities: We planned a lot of indoor and outdoor activities for the weekend. Some of them included buoy bat on the beach. Other included checking the bride's memory, having her guess what shot represents each of us, and kissing the miss goodbye!
One of the bridesmaid's so kindly made a "last fling before the ring" scavenger hunt for one of our nights out! I'm proud to say Amanda accomplished all of these (however, I cannot confirm or deny whether she pinched someone's butt or not). Anyways, this scavenger hunt was perfect and it got the other bar/club dwellers excited about all of the fun!
Food: Planning meals out ahead of time is really important! Each bachelorette goer was in charge of bringing their favorite snack and drink! Skinny Pop and onion dip were definitely major hits. But, so was McDonalds at 3AM!
Matching Clothes: Having a uniform for the weekend was super nice (and easy)! We ordered tank tops from Etsy and you'll be surprised how flexible those designers can be! The bride is really focused on making sure we all have a choice, so before the weekend the MOH had us all take a poll and we went from there!
Overall, it was probably one of the best weekends of my summer! I didn't have a true vacation this year (or last year) so getting away for a weekend throughout the summer months is really important. I loved meeting all of Amanda (the bride)'s college friends and we definitely made memories that will last life time. 

For a preview of bach weekend, Sydney one of the bridemaids put together this awesome video from her GoPro! Feel free to check it out, here :) 

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