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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Work Life Balance

Over the next few weeks (well, basically month) I will be working non-stop! I'll have the occasional day off to relax and spend quality time with Josh and hopefully family... but, for the most part I will be working A LOT. Throughout my graduate program, I have to have three internships (called Practicums & Fields). For my first Practicum, I will be working with New Student Orientation. I'm really looking forward to this opportunity to learn how a crucial aspect of retention in Higher Education is created and managed. 

Lately, I've been putting on my self awareness hat and trying to do some reflection and exploration. The field of Student Affairs is HUGE and there are just so many different opportunities. The vast majority of my new professional career has been spent in Housing and Residence Life. Although I love my Res. Life roots I think it will be fun for me to see how different departments do things. 

So, I'll be starting this transition with New Student Orientation. I know it will be a lot of hours (10-15+ a day) and long days. But, the amount of learning and responsibilities I will have is really exciting. My supervisor and I have met to discuss expectations and it sounds like I will have a lot of autonomy and opportunity!
I've been really happy with my job! This weekend marks the official one year mark since I became a Residence Director. It is crazy to me that I have been doing this job for a year now. I learned so much this past year (I'll save that for another post)! Being an RD is very different from what I expected, but I have grown to love this position so much.

I continuously tell people that you create happiness wherever you go! Well, that has continued to hold true for me as I completed my first year of graduate school and RD life. There were weeks where I was emotionally and physically exhausted. There were students that kept making the same mistakes over and over again! There were staff members who continued to challenge me time and time again. But, the challenges and difficulties of this position only have made it so much more enjoyable!

I hope you all work or find jobs that allow you to use your gifts and that bring you meaning. If you find that your jobs don't bring you meaning than I pray that you use some positive psychology and find meaning (if possible wherever you are at)!


  1. Positive psychology, I like it! It sounds like you really enjoy your job. That's so great! Life's too short to be miserable. I work at a nursing home with the elderly, and although it can be a challenging job, it can also be so rewarding. I had a resident that used to compliment my smile everyday. He told me, "Let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile." Love that!


    1. Awh! He sounds like an amazing human! Love love love :) And yes with work you need to find the rewarding aspects of it :)


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