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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happier You: May Goals

May will be a big transition month, which only makes sense that my Happier You May goals are focused on transitions. The word transition comes with a lot of pressure. Nobody likes change. Our bodies are practically designed to cope with change and to do it as smoothly as possible (i.e. homeostasis). So, when big transitions are upon us like moving, starting a family, or graduation it's important to cope with those transitions well.

All throughout your life you will always have transitions, some will be more difficult then others. My goal this month is to evaluate the role that transitions play in your life and to evaluate how I deal with transitions.

So, here are my Happier You goals for May:

move into a new building... this process has started yesterday and is definitely causing some stress. Not only is it hard to pack up all of your belongings and move everything (including your office). But, it is a reality of my job and the res. life lifestyle.

set goals for next year... I'm a huge goal setter and now that I have completed a year as an RD I have learned a lot about where I need to grow as a person, professional and grad student! So, I want to establish goals for next year and evaluate how I did this year!

research resilience... resilience is a hot topic in Student Affairs and is definitely something that I think everyone should have tips to be resilient. There are some great books out there that will be really helpful with this and I can't wait to share everything I learn with you all!

create a home... now that I'm moving into a two bedroom and two bathroom apartment, I will need to add twice as much stuff to my apartment. I've already started making some decorating decisions and I can't wait to create a warm and welcoming home!

So, wish my luck! I am hoping I'll do better on these goals compared to April. And hopefully at the end of May I'll have some pictures to show you all of the new space and place that I'll be in :)

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