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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happier You: April Review

So, April definitely wasn't the best month for the Happier You blog goals. I think I struggled holding myself accountable this month and will definitely be adding these family goals to May's agenda! Anyways, here is a review on how I did for April!

surprise someone... I did manage to go home and visit my parents and (sister) once in April. It wasn't really a surprise, but I think my family was happy that I got off work and could come down so maybe I surprised myself!?

call a relative 2x a week... this did not happen, which I feel really bad about! My goal was to call relatives outside of my immediate family and catch up. But, unfortunately the pressure of closing and other things just made this next to impossible.

friends are family too... This was probably the goal that I did succeed on! I spent a lot of good and quality time with my college friends and my co-workers. I went to visit a friend in Virginia and worked on leaving the office early to spend quality time with my co-workers!

plan a family trip... this did not happen, but I did map out when I am going to go home to visit my family in May. The month of May is really quiet at work, so I am going to take three days off during the week and visit the best family of mine. I'm hoping to plan a family dinner while I'm home and cook up something scrumptious for my family to enjoy.

So, that is a review of April. Definitely not my best month, and I'm going to create a chart to hold me accountable or put in my calendar when I'm going to call people so that way I never become "too busy" to call my family members!

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