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Friday, May 27, 2016

Confessional Friday

Today is a special Friday, because today my favorite guy turns 22! Its hard to believe that we have been dating since he was a teenager. Anyways, today I'm confessing five things I love about this incredible man!

I confess... I love how kind his soul is! Josh will literally do anything for anyone. He will literally stay up until 3AM trying to get school work done because he takes an hour or two break to talk to me before I go to bed! 

I confess... I love how hard working he is! This man has no limits when it comes to perseverance! To all of the employers out there seeking a hard worker please check out this guy! He will endlessly impress you just like he endlessly impresses me. 

I confess... I love how amazing he looks in my power color: navy blue! Seriously though since he has met me his wardrobe has made significant changes in the navy blue department. 

I confess... I love how he is endlessly supportive. Seriously though, whether it comes to this little blog of mine or my academic freak outs he is always here to support me. 

I confess... I love how at the end of the day he is all I want to talk to and every adventure I go on he is the only guy I want next to me! I'm so very grateful for my adventure buddy. I love sharing this life with him and I'm so blessed to have someone who loves milkshakes, pizza, movies, family time, and traditions as much as me!

Happy 22nd Birthday, Josh! I'm so proud of all of your accomplishments and I can't wait to see where you go next! Hope you all have a happy Friday friends :)


  1. Awe so sweet. Sounds like he's a keeper ;)


    1. Thanks! Just checked out your blog! It is super cute :)


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