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Friday, May 6, 2016

Confessional Friday

Hey there friends! Another Friday is here and this is a special Friday... it's the last Friday (and weekend) before I move to my new apartment. So, today I'm sharing the five things I'll miss about this apartment. 

I confess... I'll miss this blue recliner chair. This chair has definitely been my blogging station for the year and is so comfy. I love curling up in this chair, reclining, and snuggling up in a blanket. A downside to having a furnished apartment is you can't take the furniture that you LOVE with you and an upside to having a furnished apartment is hopefully I'll re-fall in love with the new pieces of furniture in my new space!
 I confess... this little corner of my kitchen fits my trashcan perfectly! I know I really shouldn't miss a spot to put my trashcan, but I'm really wondering where my trashcan will fit in my new apartment.
I confess... I love the daybed lifestyle, but I will probably be retiring it after I move to my new apartment. The daybed kind of made me feel young and made my bedroom feel a lot bigger than it actually was. So, it has been real daybed and I'll definitely miss you!
I confess... on the window in my bedroom I have a small little garden growing of sunflowers, asylums, and tomatoes. It is not the prettiest garden to look at (no cute pots and things), but it definitely makes my room feel cleaner and refreshing! Not sure where this garden of mine is going to go when I move to my new place, but hopefully these plants survive the move!
I confess... I'm going to miss the memories I've shared with J in this space. This is the apartment where we decorated my first Christmas tree, where we spent countless Saturday night date nights in, where we hosted my college friends and co-workers, where we build pillow forts and watched tons of movies. Every Residence Hall I have lived in has bene completed by this guy visiting and creating tons of memories with me. I am going to miss my first apartment and I can't wait to see what memories we can create next year in the new space!
So, cheers to moving on Monday and to hopefully this guy volunteering to come up and help me unpack! I feel bad that every time I move, J is responsible for all technology and wall decor set up. But, I really would be lost without him! Thanks for the memories McLean apartment, I promise I'll visit you soon!

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