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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Darling

Merry Christmas blog land! It's officially Christmas Eve and I have a plan to get the most out of Christmas Day. It goes like this... go to sleep really early Christmas Eve Eve... like 8PM early! Wake up at 6:30AM naturally on Christmas Eve, by the rain tapping your windows (White Christmas are so over rated, right?). Work like a little Christmas elf on Christmas Eve. Attend holiday parties in the evening and deny coffee politely when it is offered. Exhaust yourself by 9PM, thus forcing yourself to fall asleep by 10PM at the latest. Then, get as much sleep as possible so you can wake up as early as possible and help with the Christmas festivities and give your presents. 

Now, I realize in probably five years I'll re-read this advice when I have children and I'll laugh because all I would have to do is add one child to this plan and boom I'll be ready for bed at 9PM every night... but, for now I'll savor the moments when I plan to fall asleep early! 

Anyways, I am enjoying this holiday season. I have been home for a little over a week now and have enjoyed my time off. I've been sleeping in, knitting squares (literally... because I can't knit), watching movies, reading books, baking, snuggling with my puppies, and have been getting in to this Christmas spirit. 
Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year! Partly because I have two weeks off, but also because of all of the traditions. I'm really looking forward to the next 48 hours spent with all of my family members, as many sugar cookies as my eyes can see, and time spent learning how to cook a Christmas year with my mom.

As I write this post from the comfort of my parents' sofa I just saw the funniest little Today Show advice on how to have a "Hassle Free Holiday." They featured different topics for example, teaching children to give thanks, dealing with a mean relative, and appreciating your significant other. My dad and I really chuckled at the signifiant other advice on ways to not let your significant other get lost in the holiday happenings.
It got me thinking... that really the holidays should be stress free! I mean sure there are meals to prepare, relatives to catch up with, and presents to purchase and wrap. But, the true meaning of Christmas is joy! So, that is what I'm going to bring to this Christmas' celebrating... tons of JOY! So, I hope you all have a joyous holiday and bring holiday joy to others as well.

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