Radiating Sunshine: Cheers to Not Gaining Weight

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cheers to Not Gaining Weight

I recently read an article that people usually gain weight during the Fall/Winter seasons because of the lack of Vitamin D. Well, that's not happening to me! I've been in Graduate School & living on a college campus and lets just say keeping slim is not the easiest thing to do. All of my friends on Facebook have been on this "beach body" craze. Because of this craze they have inspired me to continue getting in shape and taking care of my body. So, now I am a B12 vitamin taker and regular gym goer and I haven't felt better! The more time I spend taking care of myself, the better me I can be for my students. 

My goal is to lose weight naturally. Now, I'm not really focusing on losing weight... I'm more focused on defining my muscles. But, sometimes it's easier to focus on tangible numbers. However, I'm working on getting toned without any processed drinks and or sponsors. So many of my friends participate in these programs and although they have been seeing incredible results... I just don't have the time or the money to commit to activities/groups like that. 

Obviously, I suck at mirror selfies!
I respect all of my friends who participate in those groups and I hope they keep posting their results because it vicariously motivates me... So you can call me old fashioned, but I'm going to try to get lean by watching what I eat, monitoring my calories, and staying committed to cardio. I'm determined not to gain any weight this holiday season and so far I have survived Thanksgiving. However, Christmas will definitely hit me hard so I am not naive enough to think this won't be an uphill battle (hopefully, I can run up this hill)! I'll keep you posted as I find a healthier me and continue to work on improving myself and my mile time. 

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