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Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Traditions

I'm sorry for my lack of presence around this little blog of mine... but, for the past two weeks life has been full of changing leaves, adventures, cups of apple cider, and good company. I've been loving Fall and everything that comes with it! This past weekend Josh and I enjoyed an extended weekend as we both welcomed Fall Break. We spend this last weekend celebrating our good friends getting married and then we went to Apple Harvest Festival in PA. 
 This was the second year I want to Apple Harvest and we had an absolute blast. Josh and I met up with his family and one of my RD friends, MaryEllen and we enjoyed a nice weekend strolling around the festival. We ate yummy food, drank apple daiquiris, participated in an apple pie eating contest, and went through all of the craft fairs. I'm so happy that I'll be living in PA at least for the next two years so we can always go to Apple Harvest. Maybe one day we will move somewhere warm and attend Peach Harvest or something like that.
 When Josh and I got back from the festival we enjoyed a quiet night at home. The next day we watched Monday night football and watched the Steelers squeeze out a win! Josh is a huge football fan and it made him beyond happy that his team won while watching it at my apartment. He is quite superstitious.
The following day we woke up and embarked on a pumpkin journey. We are making pumpkin picking our tradition and we went on a search across the PA country fields for the perfect little pumpkin farm. We ended up at Reynolds Farm and we went on a hayride, picked a pumpkin, and then we completed a corn maze.
 I love Fall with this guy! I also love corn mazes! It took us about an hour to complete this one corn maze and going on a Tuesday afternoon meant we were the only ones there. So, we had a 3 acre+ corn maze shaped into "Farmer Show 2015" to complete all by ourselves! When we finally reached the end we couldn't believe it!
And that is how we have spent our Fall Break!


  1. Your fall break sounds fun!! Matthew and I have to pick out our pumpkins soon!! Loved that picture of y'all at the end, so cute!! :)

    1. Thanks Shelby!! Hope all is well in married life :)


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