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Monday, March 23, 2015

Playing Catch Up: Life with Josh

Life has been busy for Josh and I! We have been having a blast doing various things and going to different campus events, but we seriously have been super busy. A few weeks back we celebrated on year together, which was wonderful. It feels like we haven't even been dating for a year, but at the same time it also feels like we have been able to do so much over the past year. 

We have gone to baseball games, have visited new places, met each other's families, celebrated every holiday together, been able to play different sports, and ate a lot of food. I really don't even know where to begin when I think about summing up our relationship... there has simply been so many great memories that encompass pure joy and I couldn't be happier. 
Relay for Life a few weekends back was a blast! We walked and talked so much it was marvelous. 
Going out to celebrate our anniversary!
Always smiling... even when he is out in the cold scraping the windshield!
Playing racquetball for the first time!
We are trying to be a more active couple so we have been going for a lot of walks and we recently have started playing racquetball. The first session didn't go as well as we planned because I ended up getting whacked in the face, but I've always been a klutz, so I'll need to be more careful next time.

Anyways, that is a little update on what we have been up too! I have had an absolutely blast with this guy and I'm really looking forward to our future.

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  1. Seriously, LOVE this!! You and Josh are the sweetest, and I love all of the unique dates you have!


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