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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Playing Catch Up: I'm Employed

On Monday, I wrote about the Dominican Republic and how awesome Spring Break was... but, I forgot to mention that I also got a job offer while I was in DR. I was expecting to hear from Shippensburg University over Spring Break, but I had no idea I would find out the first day of my vacation. It definitely started vacation on a really positive note. 
When I found out the news! 
Anyways, so I'll be one of the next Residence Directors at Shippensburg University. I am literally so excited. About a month ago, I was reflecting on my last semester as an undergrad and as an RA. I realized that the next few months could be my last few months in Residence Life, which totally blew me away. However, I'm so proud that that isn't going to be the case.
As a Residence Director I'll be in coordinating a staff of RAs. I really hope I get a big staff because I have all of these fun ideas on things we can do. I'm dreaming about cooking lasagna dinners and inviting them all over to eat dinner. I will also facilitate any building, roommate, or code of conduct concerns. Not to mention, Shippensburg has a student union which I'm really excited to learn more about.
So, now I am just setting up everything to move in at the end of May. I will have my own apartment and since I have lived in a residence hall- dorm style community for my four years at college, I'm so pumped to buy things for my apartment. Thankfully, I think my parents are going to give me some of their old stuff which, I'll be able to use!

I'll be finding out my placement sometime this week or next week and I'm definitely living by this song & verse that my sister painted on a canvas for my new apartment! God is good friends! Happy Hump Day!

Shout out to Ryan McNeil for always reading this blog and catching my typos!

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  1. Wow!! Congratulations, Alex! This sounds like the perfect job for you, and I am so thrilled about how excited you are. Having a job you're looking forward to will definitely make finishing college so much easier :)


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