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Monday, March 16, 2015

Playing Catch Up: Dominican Republic

So, I have a few excuses for why I haven't blogged since the middle of February... most of them revolved around school work, but instead of blogging about that I'm going to blog about something a little more fun... Spring Break!! I blogged a couple months back about my friend Alex and I planning a vacation to the Dominican Republic for Spring Break and I'm here to report that it was one of the best vacations we have been on to date! 

Dominican Republic is an absolutely beautiful country! The resort we stayed at Confresi Lifestyle Holidays Resort was gorgeous. We had a rough time getting there because our original flight got delayed causing us to miss our connecting flight. So, although we started our vacation by standing in a really long customer service line for United Airlines, we made the best of it.

 And obviously, it really wasn't hard for us to make the best of it! Look at how beautiful this resort is! I love vacation. I love sweet drinks, good books, and the sunshine warming me up! As far as I'm concerned 'Where We Belong' by Emily Griffin, a pina colada, and a great view is my type of vacation!
The view from our gorgeous balcony! 
 It took Alex and I almost the whole vacation until we got into the ocean. We are both-- tan all day and maybe occasionally swim a little type of people. So, I guess that explains why we didn't get in the ocean. Plus, there were a bunch of little markets on the oceanside beach and they tried to sell you things and we both are suckers at saying no so, we both just avoided the situation. But, we did walk on the beach every morning.

 I'm really glad I went away with Alex! She is such a nice and thoughtful traveler so, even despite all of our struggles getting to DR-- she was a great companion! Not to mention, she loves to dance like me so we had a ball every night at the night club and at the parties at the resort.
Just your casual palm tree leaf... the size of my body!
This was probably one of the best vacations to date! We relaxed, laughed till we cried, took videos of really embarrassing things, and basically had the perfect college Spring Break. We made a lot of friends down in DR and I'm really thankful that technology allows us all to connect and stay connected. 
 Alex and I also got dressed up every night. We were big advocates for getting pretty even if we were just going to dinner and then to the pool bar to meet up with friends! We took a selfie every night before we left... and on the last night when I was looking through the pictures I realized that I totally wore the same dress twice. Now, ordinarily I'm not one of those girls who freaks out about repeating an outfit--- but, I packed so many dresses and I was so mad that (a) I totally didn't notice [beer goggles are real] and (b) I didn't get to wear everything I packed!
Because United really messed up our flight and vacation plans, they ended up bumping us to first class on the way home... and let me just say it was luxurious. When we first got the call to the desk, we thought they had messed up again. But, boy were we in for surprise. They had complimentary drinks-- so we tried bloody mary's (I was not the biggest fan). They also gave us warm towels, a full-course dinner, and free movies. Although we were sad to leave the DR and friends goodbye, at least we ended the trip "flying first class up in the sky" (Cue Fergie's Glamorous video). 

It was a perfect Spring Break! I did miss Josh a lot, but this was my last vacation of college and before I start working and going to graduate school, so I'm glad I had a girl's vacation to celebrate. I'm sure Josh and I will have tons of vacation plans in the future, but I know that Alex is going to be one busy bee and will be traveling the world, so it was our last hurrah! 


  1. Seriously, bumping up to first class ALMOST makes everything okay (though it's not like you can do a lot about the weather!). Looks like an AMAZING trip! That pina colada looks amazing, and that is definitely my favorite way to spend a vacation :)

    1. Meg, thanks for the comment! It seriously does haha and I can't wait to read about your vaca :)


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