Radiating Sunshine: Why I Don't Miss High School

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why I Don't Miss High School

Check out that awkward hand action I got going on!
 Last November, Josh and I were taking pictures before his Ring Dance. While, we were coming up with different photo ideas I couldn't help but remember the awkward stair pictures that everyone always insisted that you take with your date. So, Josh and I tried to recreate said-stair-picture... and let me just tell you, WE COULDN'T DO IT! I don't know why or how but, all of our stair pictures were just terrible. The nightmare of that failed photo shoot might haunt me forever... any who, I started reflecting about High School and all of the things I used to love and it got me to chuckle a bit.
the best one we took...

Senior Year Me O.o
I went to a private Catholic school and we had to wear uniforms, which I remember kind of enjoying. It was nice not having to pick out your outfit every day and my uniform was fairly comfortable (navy blue polo and a khaki skirt). But, now thinking of wearing a uniform every day would be awful. I love getting dressed for classes and work. I really enjoy pairing different pieces together, so I'm kind of glad my uniform wearing days are over.

Classic Mirror Pic in the Nordstrom's Bathroom
A couple things... First, huge shoutout to my two friends Molly and Sara! We were partners in crime throughout most of High School and so many of my high school memories were made with these ladies. Anyways, now on to the topic at hand: MIRROR PICS. I literally have hundreds of mirror pictures from High School and I seriously don't even know why we found this to be the coolest trend. 

Last but certainly not least... prom. There was so much "proma" with my group (probably because of the size) but, anyways I really don't miss the prom scene. I feel like prom is kind of a clique of High School. Everyone always thinks that prom night is going to be the best night, but honestly when I look back at it all I think about is the $150 dress I'm never going to wear, $100 plus tickets we had to buy, the boutonni√®res and corsages that looked good for photos, and tons of prom pictures. I think my fondest memory of prom was the post-prom party held at my High School. Now, I'm not saying a High School student shouldn't go to prom. It was a great time and I made great memories but, I definitely don't miss it. 


  1. I was just talking to my cousin who is a sophomore the other day about some drama she has going on right now after a pretty serious breakup. As much as I wanted to tell her that this is something that is just so little I couldn't because to her it is a big thing. I walked away thinking about how much I do not miss high school. Everything really was so minute to what real life if like now! I definitely do not miss prom time either. It was fun getting dressed up but we had so much drama about whose house we would be going to, what time, who was coming, and where we would eat at beforehand. Such a big deal!

    1. Brittany, I totally understand! Oh my gosh, all of the drama is just awful. Life is so much better post-High School grad.

  2. Holy cow, that's a GIANT prom group - I can definitely see how there would be drama there! There was also so much more freedom in college than high school :) And awww baby Alex!

    1. Meg-- it seriously was!! And I think 15 of the girls ended up breaking off of the group so they did their own thing. Couldn't have imagined how big adding more people would have been. And oh hush ;)


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