Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 1/19/15

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Recap 1/19/15

I'm so excited to be officially back on the weekend recap train! I feel like it has been so long since I wrote about my weekend. I love blogging about the weekends. It is so nice to reflect on all of the fun things I did with friends, family, and Josh.

Wednesday night: 
Was college night... and I don't usually go and or blog about College Night but, this college night Alex and I were celebrating because we just booked our Spring Break vacation to the Dominican Republic. So, the countdown has officially begun. 

Thursday night: 
Josh and I went bowling. I still have yet to beat him in a game which is motivation for us to go more regularly. We had a blast bowling and the entire alley was full of Mount students for the Mount bowling night. It is my personal goal for this semester to go to as many campus events as possible so, I'm glad I started the semester off with some bowling with my favorite guy! After bowling, Josh took me out for some ice-cream at Sheetz. It was fun sitting in his car until 1am just talking and eating ice-cream. There are just so many little moments like that, that I know I will cherish for forever.

Super blurry picture but, who cares anyways!
 Friday night: 
Josh picked me up at 6pm for a surprise date! All I knew was that dinner was involved and I should wear jeans. It was a really exciting date and I loved the unknown of it. I'm such a planner so it was really nice for once just going with it and having him work out all of the arrangements. He made us a mixed cd of all of our favorite songs and we had a wonderful evening. We ate in Downtown Gettysburg at The Pub (which, neither of us have been to) and then we finished up date night at a French Cafe with some dessert.

I had the creme brûlée and Josh had that delicious peanut butter chocolate pie. 
Came way too quickly and early! It was RA Interview Weekend so, Noelle and I had to conduct interviews on Saturday morning. We woke up bright and early and went to Dunkin Donuts for a big coffee and some breakfast.

After conducting interviews all morning, I met up for lunch with a few RA friends, went to Alex's and then Josh picked me up for church. After church we made pizza and hung out at his house. I helped him fold his enormous collection of t-shirts and then we just watched TV for awhile.

I had to help conduct more interviews on Sunday afternoon so, Josh and I drove back to school and got ready for that. Josh is actually in the process of applying to be an RA. So, while I was interviewing candidates, he was also being interviewed. To celebrate my last RA interview day as an RA and his job well done on the interviews we went to BJs in Frederick.
 I absolutely love BJs, which I think I have discussed several times on this blog before. We sat in the bar area so we could watch the NFL games and we ordered a pizookie for dessert. Let me just say, my favorite dessert combo is something warm and sweet with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. I'm so proud of Josh for doing such a great job preparing for his interview and I know he will do so many amazing things.

After he dropped me off, I met up with some friends to play board games before Senior Piano Bar. I literally have the greatest time with my RA friends and I'm so thankful for such a fun and supportive group of people.
I wore a one shouldered black top to the piano bar!

Senior Piano Bar was awesome. The guys that performed did an incredible job and I think all of our voices were a little hoarse from all of the singing and shouting into friends ears. It feels a little bitter sweet knowing that was the last Senior Piano Bar night for the Class of 2015. I have made so many great friends and the best memories and knowing in a few months we will all go our separate ways just kills me. But, for now I'm going to cherish this time I have and I'm going to make the most of this senior year!
With Alex and Maria! Two ladies I have known since Freshmen Year. 
Life is good! And this weekend just showed me how thankful I am for all of the experiences I have had. I have made the greatest friends, I have the world's nicest boyfriend, and I have been able to do so many amazing things. I'm thankful for everyone in my life and I hope that everyone finds joy in the little things.


  1. Piano bars are my favorite!! Looks like such a fun night. And that creme brulee looks perfect! I bet you're already counting down the days to spring break :)

    1. Meg, they seriously are the best. I didn't know they were a thing! And oh you bet! I think we are at like 43 days!


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