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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Last RA Training

as an RA... Hopefully, I'll be returning to the graduate school world and will get an opportunity to work with RAs again but, for now I am sitting here realizing that I just completed my last RA training (which feels so bittersweet). Anyways, this RA training was a blast. We covered conduct, student concerns, and programming.

We actually just remodeled our programming so that all of the programming proposals are done entirely online. I'm really glad we switched because before we wasted so much paper. We're still working out all of the kinks but, so far I have really been enjoying the online version. We basically just use google forms and all of the programming information gets placed into a document that I read over and transcribe into my spreadsheet so I can track programming points.

All of the Senior RA/DAs!
 During training we participate in different competitions. Some of these competitions include karaoke, minute to win it challenges, and the traditional lip-sync! Lip-Sync is a winter training tradition and the different buildings all get songs and get really into it.

This year we changed things up and allowed each staff to choose the song that they wanted to perform based on professional staff members. Some of the songs that were chosen were "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," "Sharped Dressed Man," "You Don't Know You're Beautiful," and my staff's "I'm the Man" by Aloe Blancc. All of the lip-sync performances were incredible and my staff had a great time putting together "I'm the Man." Sheridan-Pangborn actually won the contest, so I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate the end of training.

It was a fabulous last training and I'm really excited to see what the future holds for RA training!

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