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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Home: Maryland

At work today, I'm kind of having a dress down and cozy up outfit type of day! I don't have a dress code for work (one of the major benefits of being a student worker). I'll dress up occasionally when I have an important meeting or something, but for the most part I get to wear nice jeans and a cute top (what's not to love). For Christmas, my mom bought me a Maryland Home tee! It is so cozy and I love representing my home state. I know that after graduation there is a pretty good chance that I'll be leaving Maryland goodbye... so, I'm going to represent MD with all the MD pride I can. 
My mom got the shirt from this little boutique near us and I wish I could have one in every color. I'm not a big t-shirt fan but, there is nothing better than this shirt or a classic v-neck with some jeans. As far as work goes, I am loving my new internship with the Housing Department. I get to create most of the marketing flyers and plan events for this upcoming Housing Selection. I have already learned so much and I've only worked two days!

Jeans- Express
Maryland Home Tee- Small Boutique
Sweater- Hand-Me-Down
Ugg Boots
I'm not a big fashion blogger so, I apologize if this post showed my lack of experience but maybe I'll start posting about my outfits more regularly! Most of the clothes I wear aren't really name brand so, I feel like I wouldn't do a good job posting on where I got them from... but, I'll give it a try. Have a great Thursday :)

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