Radiating Sunshine: 5 Reasons Why I'm Not a Fashion Blogger

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

5 Reasons Why I'm Not a Fashion Blogger

So, this is kind of a fun post to write because it is always enjoyable joking about yourself on social media! Anyways, I have been reading a lot of posts recently about fashion and I discovered some very interesting things. I AM NOT A FASHION BLOGGER... although, I feel like I have some basic fashion sense and I wear some nice clothes, I am far from the fashion blogger world. Now, don't get me wrong I definitely care about my appearance and I work hard to look "cute" but, I can just never pull off a fashion blogger look, why?

1) 50% of my wardrobe is from Good Will or a Hand-Me-Down so, I could never really site my clothing source. I love reading posts where people write about where you can buy what and sadly that would never happen over here! 

2) Backgrounds... I literally stink at picking backgrounds for photo shoots (see below). I don't know why but, whenever I am in a particularly scenic place I either never remember to take a picture of my outfit of choice is just not blog worthy. 

3) Taking solo pictures... now, I won't say I never take a selfie but, I rarely ask people to take photos of myself. It just feels weird to me. Not sure why but, I would much rather take pictures with other people!

4) I'm a plain Jane... My favorite outfit consists of jeans, boots, a nice shirt, and my pearl necklace my parents gave me a few Christmases ago. I usually only wear mascara and my curly hair is always either up and down. I'm happy with that... but, that is also pretty boring. 

5) I don't have the time... to plan, to buy, to execute super cute outfits! I really wish I did and I seriously look up to all of the fashion bloggers out there. I would love to blog about professional attire if/when I get a big girl job but, for now I'll just be me! 

I would love the opportunity to be a fashion blogger, one day! But, for now
I'll stick with what I'm good at and leave the fashion posts to the rest of y'all! 


  1. Oooh, you might not be a fashion blogger, but I LOVE that outfit!! I am such a sucker for bows :)

  2. i couldnt be a fashion blogger either! taking mirror selfies is a blah in the bloggin community and my style is basically jeans and a pretty shirt!


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