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Thursday, January 22, 2015

15 Things I Miss About Europe

Lately, I have really been nostalgic about my trip to Europe this past summer. I keep finding myself looking at the photos and remembering all of the good times. While I was in Europe, I really got a taste of a whole different world. Time almost moved slower over there. So, I knew that this week I wanted talk about my study abroad trip on the blog. 

I originally titled this post 10 Things I Miss About Europe... and after going through all of my pictures I realized that "10 Things" was just not enough. So, here are the 15 Things I Miss (the most) About Europe! 

#15 All of the beautiful churches and getting to sing in a German mass before leaving to come back to the USA!
 #14 Living in the cutest yellow building I have ever seen! I love the color yellow. I feel like the color can just brighten up anyone's day, so it was an honor getting to live in such a happy building. 
 #13 Walking around everywhere! My friends and I walked everywhere and it was so nice. By walking to new places and exploring mountains, I had a greater appreciation for nature. I also realized how painful endless amounts of blisters could be. 
 #12 All of the pretty gardens. I really wish America invested in nature as much as Europeans do, because it was wonderful seeing gorgeous parks and gardens everywhere. 
 #11 Old and beautiful fountains. Salzburg was covered in old timey and historical fountains which really added to the culture of the city. This was also the fountain featured in the Sound of Music and I loved it endlessly. 
#10 The delicious food and desserts. I have an enormous sweet tooth so, I felt so spoiled being able to dine on some of the sweetest and natural food around. The fresh markets and the lack of preservatives in food really made eating even more fun than it already is! 
 #9 All of the hidden beautiful spaces... While in Europe I felt like I was constantly uncovering God's beautiful masterpiece everywhere! K√∂nigsee was definitely my favorite spot. 
 #8 Being a tourist and not caring. I feel like one of the pieces of advice I always read while preparing to go abroad was "don't act like a tourist" well, forget that because being touristy was the best!
 #7 Seeing this beautiful landscape of downtown Salzburg every day! I can't tell you guys how many times we would walk into the city on this green grass path and just admire the view!
 #6 Trying different types of beer. I'm not an expert beer analysis or connoisseur by any means but, I loved trying different ones and discovering the ones I can't live (but, am currently living) without! 
 #5 Gelatoooooo.... everyday.... and not caring.... need I say more?
 #4 My wonderful roommate Noelle! I seriously am so thankful for this lady and for her always being around for when I need to remember all of those good times!
 #3 Pretending to be a model, but really just taking awkward pictures with a cute German dress on! I have never really worn white, but when I found this dress I knew it would change my fashion senses forever. 
 #2 Pretzels & Radlers... and buying the pretzels at a fresh market and drinking a radler at a beautiful beer garden on top of a little hill with the view you see below. 
 #1 All of the incredible views... Julie Andrews was right in the saying "climb every mountain" because chances are you'll find an incredible view and a beer garden on top! 

So, basically I miss Europe (Salzburg) like crazy and all I 
want to do is take my family there and show them everything too. 
Happy Thursday!!

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