Radiating Sunshine: The Best Moments of My Study Abroad

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Best Moments of My Study Abroad

So, this time two weeks ago I would have been enjoying my last day in Salzburg. And as I write this post from my office desk while on lunch break; I can't believe that it was just two weeks ago I was in one of my favorite cities, with some great new friends, eating delicious food and making wonderful memories. Salzburg left an impact on me... most of the time people strive to leave their impact or footprint on the city but, I know Salzburg has left an impact on my heart. 

In the two weeks I have been back I've had reverse homesickness and have pretty much been annoying my family left and right with details of my trip. It is amazing how every little thing reminds me of some story from my trip abroad. I mean seriously EVERY LITTLE THING. I'm at the point where I realize that not everyone wants to hear every story, so when I see these little sweet reminders I just smile to myself because in the five weeks I was across the pond I have changed. 

I went into the study abroad experience as one person, and left another. I've seen some of the most beautiful and unique places in the world. I have been on top of mountains with snow on them in the middle of June. I have learned how to deal with language barriers and the lack of free public restrooms (my bladder is significantly stronger). I was able to go to religious services in different languages and still feel God's love surrounding me.

Europe has changed me. She has enlightened my soul.  So, I wanted to share with you some of the best moments of my time across the pond.

The flowers of Mirabell Gardens!
Delicious wine at dinners

The lake of Königssee, Germany
The Vienna State Opera's performance of 'The Magic Flute'
Meeting wonderful new people!
Finding nature's artwork beautiful <hearts>
Being silly in a meadow on top of a mountain in Italy
Regressing back to childhood on various playgrounds
Beer tastings... I've only been able to find one bar that has carried my
beloved Hofbrau and I am truly missing my German/ Austrian Beer
The trick fountains at Hellbrun
The Salt Mines with Noelle and Kelly!
The first night at the Shamrock a month and a half ago!

There is no favorite part of my study abroad trip. There is no moment more cherished, than the rest. There is simply this, while abroad I climbed every mountain. I tried different foods and spoke terrible German. I walked everywhere and occasionally crawled through the child's entrance to use a public bathroom for free. I ate as much gelato as I could handle and had schnitzel at least twice a week. I became a beer snob and a wine enthusiast. I developed a deep appreciation for public drinking fountains. Europe has changed me and a part of me will always reside in Salzburg. 


  1. What an amazing adventure!! You are so lucky to have experienced it and have so many memories and photos :)

    1. Thanks Meg for following with me on the adventure!


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