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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crunch Time

 Its *crunch time*! As an RA, one of our main focuses is on student development. We want to make sure that our residents are happy, healthy, and not stressing out too much! Obviously stress comes with being a college student, especially if you're prone to procrastination... but regardless I decided that why not show some love to my girls and provide them with a little note of encouragement and some chocolate!

I found an idea similar to this on Pinterest, but I decided to make them into little packages. Putting the crunch bars in a bowl is such a great idea, but why would I pass up an opportunity for some face-to-face communication!

So, I created these little notes of encouragement... cut them out... taped them to the crunch bars. I will be distributing them either today or tomorrow!

By delivering them to each resident, it will give me an opportunity to actually talk to my residents and see how they are feeling! Not to mention, I can remind them about some closing procedures in the hopes to make closing next week an easy process!

So, 45 little chocolate packages later I'm ready to hopefully start de-stressing some of my residents!

How do you de-stress? Oh... and one more 
thing! Happy May Day :) 

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