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Monday, April 15, 2013

Some Dorm Updates

Out with the old... and in with the new decorations!! Here, is a post from the beginning of the year, click here.  There have been some great improvements done! And I'm getting more ideas for my dorm room next year, which will be kind of a downgrade since its half the size of my current place!

Hair Products

New bed spread and pillows! 
I asked for a duvet cover for my birthday this year and I had a hard time trying to pick one out. I scanned numerous sites until I found this duvet cover, from PB Teen! Recently, I have become really into this pattern and I love the new blue theme!

Also, I got the pillows from Home Goods for a real steal. Also, got the turquoise frame from Home Goods too!

And notice, the little Sock Monkey... courtesy of my boyfriend but so excited about him. His name is Albert and he is a going-away-to-Texas present so I can take him with me and he won't take up to much room in my suitcases.

Swapped the fridge and the drying rack...
also added a scale!

Initials over my futon. They go with the blue theme! 

Desk Pic
I got rid of the big bookshelf over top awhile back because it just cluttered that side of my room. But, the ribbon wreath on the right is new; as well as my little chevron initial canvas at the very top.

What are your favorite decorating tips?

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