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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

AC Appreciation Day

At the Mount, the Area Coordinators do a lot for Residence Life. Whether it is making the duty schedule for the entire semester, managing points, planning staff meetings, organizing fall training, and coordinating programs they do so much. 

The Appreciation Committee, does DA, RA, and AD appreciation day, but we have never regularly done an AC appreciation day. So, the we decided that we should have an appreciation day for our ACs who do so much for us! 

So, found this super cute idea on Pinterest and decided to recreate it! Each AC will receive a card from their individual staffs and a little gift which is $10 to Starbucks! I thought "Thanks a latte for all you do" would be so cute and that they would love it!! 

We also planned to decorate the RA/DA workroom like we did for DA Appreciation Day. I made this banner with their names and we got some other decorations to really dec-out the workroom! 

Thank you so much, Katie, Estela, and Kate! You guys are awesome and you do so much for us!! 

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