Radiating Sunshine: February's Bulletins

Friday, February 15, 2013

February's Bulletins

This month's theme is Childhood Reminders! I thought about doing a Valentine's Day theme and do heart door dec but,that was just too typical... so I decided to bring on some nostalgia instead. 

So, the bulletin board has a bunch of images that reminded me of my childhood and has reminded my girls of theirs. I got great feedback while I was putting it up, which was really nice. 

Some of the images include: Easy Bake Oven (Easily one of my favorite childhood memory), Zenon, My Big Comfy Couch, Count Dracula, Slinkies, Razors (scooter), Big Slides, barbie dolls, Green Eggs and Ham, Amelia Bedelia, ELMO (projector), Dunkaroos, Nintendo, Ninja Turtles, Ball Pits, Tang, and so much more! 

It literally took me 3 hours to complete this board, because it took forever to cut out all of those images! Thankfully, another RA/friend helped me put the actual board up which made it fun and made it go by so much faster! 

The door decs this month are kind of lame, but I was so burnt out by the actual bulletin board that I decided to go very simple for the door decs! They are their names in the Nickelodeon font.

And next month's bulletins will be done by my RA mentee, Maria! So look forward to that! She is going for a St. Patrick's Day theme so I'm really excited to see what she puts together.

- Alex

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