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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This Weekends Plans...

Hello All! I hope everyone has had a fabulous hump day! My day has been pretty good! I only had one exam today and I managed to score an hour and a half in the gym so I am feeling pretty good about that! What I am more excited for however is my weekend...

I do not get to see Chad :(! Unfortunately I have a little under three weeks till that happens which kills because it has already been two weeks! I really miss him, but I am looking forward to seeing him at his brother's engagement party in a couple weeks and then I'm going to visit him at Salisbury and check out where he lives and go site seeing and all sort of fun stuff like that!

Anyways, my weekend plans--It is full of RA Fun!!

Friday Night:
   I volunteered to get PIED IN THE FACE!! This is a program that Rho Alpha Sigma (RA Honors Society) is sponsoring to raise money for their funding! They needed some RA's to volunteer their faces to get pied for $1 a pie! I told all my residents to come on down and I think it will be fun, even though I am positive I will be extremely messy by the end of it!

After getting pied in the face... I then get to make cookies and brownies for the program Terrace Staff is throwing on Saturday! I haven't baked in a couple weeks so I am super excited to bake and maybe snag a bite or two of cookie dough!? I get to bake with a couple other close RA friends so it will be such a fun night getting to learn more about them!

   During the day I am leaving campus to get supplies for my program on Tuesday night! Its called Picture Perfect! My residents and I will be discussing the pressures the media puts on young women to be "picture perfect" and what we can do to not let that pressure us into the mold society has for us. We also will be decorating picture frames for our dorm rooms so thats why I need to get supplies so we can decorate some great picture frames! I am super excited for this program and I think it will run very efficiently!

  I am also buying JEANS on Saturday afternoon! I put this off last Fall/Winter because I didn't feel like buying new things but now it is a must! My favorite pair is about to get a embarrassing hole in the crotch so unless I want the entire Mount community to be staring at my underwear, I need to get new jeans ASAP! I think I'll probably by 3 pairs in different colors and that will suffice my jean-need!

Saturday evening is the Let's Get Baked Program-- my boyfriend snickered at the title when I told him about it... and yes, it is about drug and alcohol education! As I said previously we are making cookies and brownies and then attaching drug/alcohol facts to their packages. If the student wants a bag of baked goods and a chance to enter into a raffle to win a gift-card... then they must attend, read their fact, write their name down, and put it into the jar for the raffle! I am thinking this program will be really successful and I can't wait to see what my residents have to say! We are baking over 150 baked goods so we are preparing for a large crowd!!

Sunday: Is a day for homework and studying, blah blah blah... so nothing to adventurous unfortunately.

I am so looking forward to my RA kind of weekend! Wish I was seeing Chad, but no worries that will come up before I know it!! What are your plans for this weekend? Anything fun?

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