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Thursday, September 13, 2012

September's Bulletins

Every month, I have to update one bulletin board and my door decorations so this month's theme is: Disney!

Disney brings on great nostalgia so I thought the girls would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the Disney Princesses they grew up with! And boy was I right! I have gotten so much positive feedback that I am tempted to leave this one up and change another one next month! We'll see if the board can survive for that long... (Residents like to vandalize bulletin boards)

So what did I do... Well if you recall from last months Twitter board the back ground was blue. Well to save paper I decided to recycle the background and basically flip it around. The lights on my hall stain the blue background paper a different color so I couldn't just take the twitter board letters off I actually had to flip the background paper around which was a pain in the butt. 

I then added the Disney Princess timeline... starting with Snow White and continuing. Then I drew the black arrows and wrote the title of the board. I am thrilled that the Disney font came out like I was expecting! 

Over on the other end there is a section that instructs my residents to write on their favorite Disney Princess' slide. That way all my residents can know who has the same common interests! Also, by making this bulletin board interactive it becomes a Passive Program and I can get programming points! 

 The door decorations... I used all 11 of the Disney Princesses and each resident got their own princess! 

Although, we only have to update one bulletin board a month... I like new things to spice up my hall so I put up my first hall program's work of art! All my residents came together and put their handprints on this bulletin board paper... I thought it was a cool way to unite the floor and the quote I found was really beautiful too. 

"Sometimes reaching out and taking someone's
hand is the beginning of a journey. At 
other times it is allowing another to 
take yours"

I am really happy about how these two bulletin boards came out! Next month I will be updating all 5 of the boards. One is definitely going to be Halloween or Fall related!

Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday! Remember, only one more day till the weekend is finally here!

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