Radiating Sunshine: Pied, Shopped, and Programed Out

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pied, Shopped, and Programed Out

If you saw my last post you would have heard about all of my upcoming fun weekend plans! It was for sure an RA type of weekend and it was soo awesome! 

To start it off I got pied in the face for Rho Alpha Sigma's 'Pie Your RA'! I got three pies to the face and I am glad I participated in a great cause!!

 Notice my left ear was COMPLETELY filled with whip-cream! Gross!! And thank goodness for the trash bag-poncho I was styling otherwise my clothes would have been soaked with whip-cream!

After, I scrubbed away all the whip-cream I went to my friend RJ's apartment to bake tons of cookies and brownies for the Let's Get Baked Program on Saturday night! RJ's kitchen and oven are pretty tiny so it took us about 4 hours to bake all the cookies and brownies... We didn't count how many total we made but I want to say we made at least 200 cookies and three batches of brownies! We ordered a pizza and watched some TV and it was just a great night! Some other RA's also joined us on our baking adventure and helped us clean up (by licking the bowls) so it was truly an RA Party!! I don't get to hang out with the Apartment RA's often so it was a great change of pace!! 

On Saturday, I went shopping with a friend for my program and found a bunch of cute things! I am super excited for my residents to decorate their picture frames! I also bought two pairs of jeans (wearing a pair as we speak)! It was a successful shopping trip!! 

After, shopping I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with one of my Pro-Staff member, Jen's baby! Jen and her husband are in the process of moving and it was awesome spending time with the little one!! The baby is about 3 months and is SO cute!! Jen made this excellent home-cooked meal for me too so it was nice to not eat Patriot (cafeteria) food for a night!! I got to hold an adorable baby and eat great food, what more could I have asked for!

Following the awesome day of babysitting I went to the Let's Get Baked Program where we had an excellent turn out! I'm glad we got to educate the Terrace community on drugs and alcohol! 

It was a great RA Weekend! And I am so thankful for being apart of such an awesome community! But, now I get to spend my Sunday reading for classes and prepping for yet another crazy week of school! 

Countdown till Fall Break and I get to see Chad: 13 Days :) 

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