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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Organizing for Cheap

I am a fairly organized person. I like to live in a clean space and I think that organization is positively correlated with success! I am always looking for "economically friendly" ways to stay organized without breaking the bank! 

Yesterday, I went to Ross with my best friend Hannah and look what I stumbled upon!! A paper organizer!! Before I just stored all of my important papers in a pile on my desk *yuck* It wasn't organized and wasn't pretty... but yesterday I stumbled upon this organizer that 1) matches my room perfectly 2) can hold all of my papers and pens and 3) was only $4.99!! 

Can you say jackpot? 

Can you say love? 

 It fits perfectly on my desk and doesn't take up much space!! I am so glad I stumbled upon it! 

On an unrelated note... I found this super cool way to keep my calendar nice and organized and also out of the way! 

1) I bought a plastic holder for the calendar from Staples
2) Printed out free calendar templates from the computer
3) Added a velcro command strip to the back 

and now I have a calendar that can hang on the wall but is easy to remove! 

How do you like to organize? 

- Alex  

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