Radiating Sunshine: Tips On Making Your Flowers Last Longer

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tips On Making Your Flowers Last Longer

Are you tired of fresh cut flowers dying after a couple of days? Flowers can really spice up a room and add color to your life but what good are they when they are wilting way to quickly?

 My boyfriend bought me a bouquet (above) almost a week ago
and my flowers are still looking beautiful!
I have found a pretty good method on how to keep your flowers pretty and fresh for as long as possible.  I have only tried this on two different types of bouquets but I have seen positive results. It has made them last about 8 days without drastic wilting, I am not positive if this method is the reason for long lasting flowers or the bouquets I have gotten have just been really lucky.

Let me know if you have any other tips to add!

The Prep:

First, make sure you are using a clean vase. Then, fill the vase with warm water. I read that warm water allows the stems to absorb the water easier and quicker!

Cut the flower stems diagonally. By doing so it allows the flowers to absorb more water which thus keeps them fresher longer. It is also a good idea to prune your flowers, which basically means cut the lower leaves that aren't going to be seen so more nutrients can go to the flowers directly

If your flowers came with flower food you can definitely put some into the vase; but note you still want to continue to change the water to avoid the water from going stale so put the remainder flower food in a plastic bag.

Lastly, add water every day and change the water every two days or when needed. Don't put your flowers in direct sunlight but don't put them in a closet either... just make sure they get adequate light without being scorched! A cool-climate is also best for long survival.

Enjoy long-lasting flowers!

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