Radiating Sunshine: Summer 2012's Bucket List

Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer 2012's Bucket List

Summer! My summer break has been cut short by a month because of RA Training in August, so I have 12 weeks to accomplish my summer bucket list! I created this bucket list to keep me organized and productive during my summer vacation. 

I have divided my list of aspirations and goals into three categories: Food, Crafts, and To-Do's! See if any of my goals for this summer match up with yours and or get inspiration to make your own

Summer 2012's Bucket List

                12 recipes in 12 weeks! So from breakfast to dessert I have selected my favorite recipes to play a role in my Summer 2012's Bucket List. 

1) Classic Lemon Bars Completed on 5/20/12
2) Tiramisu <--- Favorite dessert
3) Chocolate Chip Cookies in a skillet Completed on 6/25/12
4) Cinnamon Roast Peaches

Lunch/ Dinner Creations:
5) Shrimp & Corn Chowder Completed on 6/8/12
6) Zucchini Fries Completed on 7/9/12
7) Grilled Bruschetta Chicken Completed on 7/12/12
8) Healthy Chicken Pot Stickers 
9) Honey Walnut Power Salad Completed on 7/12/12

Breakfast Wonders: 
10) Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls
11) Breakfast Pizza
12) Caramelized Banana & Cream Cheese Filled French Toast 

                   I have picked out some small crafts I want to do this summer. Looks like I will be moving into Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Hobby Lobby!

1) Monogram Letter 'A' for the dorm
2) Home-made Coasters for the dorm, friends, and family Completed 6/20/12
3) Paint my old file cabinet/ re-purpose an old piece of furniture
4) 4 Canvases with Scrap Book paper for the dormCompleted 6/25/12
5) Fleece blanket/ or a quilt for the dorm

                       The To-Do List will continue to grow but here is a list of tasks I want to accomplish before going back to school. 

1) Go through my clothing and anything I haven't worn/ don't plan on wearing goes in the donate pile! Completed 5/30/12
2) Have an at home spa day with my best friends Completed 7/31/12
3) Make an RA Program/Supplies List for the next two semesters Completed on 7/16/12

I am sure my Summer 2012's Bucket List will be altered and changed throughout the next couple months but as of now this is what I plan on doing. Let me know if you have any advice!

What do you plan on doing this summer? 

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