Radiating Sunshine: Happy Mother's Day: My Mom and Gift Ideas

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day: My Mom and Gift Ideas

The World's Best Mom

Can't you see where I get my good looks from?
What does Mother's Day mean to you? As a daughter, when I was younger this day meant that I would do every chore without a complaint, wake up early to make her breakfast, and buy her a present to show how thankful I am for everything she does. But now that I have lived a solid six months away from home I have realized how different my life is without her. She does so much for me and I can't imagine my life without her, so mother's day took on a new meaning. 

For Mother's Day I didn't want to just buy her a gift to show her how thankful I was for everything she has done. I wanted to make something that I thought she would appreciate. I think homemade gifts are really special and in most cases they are economically friendly. So for this mother's day I made my mom two gifts: Meyer's Lemon Sugar Scrub from the blog U try. it and Coasters off of Pinterest. 

 Meyer Lemon Sugar Scrub 

Jar from Michaels

Meyer Lemon Sugar Scrub: Double or even triple the recipe if you want to make it in bulk! :) 

Makes 1 and 1/2 cup of scrub

Zest of 2 Meyer Lemons (substitute with regular lemon if needed)
1 ½ cups of granulated sugar
3 tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil
½ tablespoons of organic extra virgin olive oil

The ingredients were so easy to find just check your local grocery store... Also, if you are wondering what to do with the remainder of the coconut oil here are just a few ideas: 
       1) For cooking at high heat
       2) And for personal needs such as: 
             Cheekbone highlighter (makes skin glow), to shave your legs, a damaged- hair 
             treatment, to remove eye makeup, and as a full body moisturizer

The ingredients (sugar is already in the bowl)
 In a medium mixing bowl, stir all ingredients together with a wooden spoon until the scrub is well blended. My coconut oil was solidified in the jar but no worries just blend it well with the other ingredients and it will make the proper consistency without needing to be heated up. 

For Use: You can use the Meyer Lemon Sugar Scrub all of your body. Just rinse with warm water and your skin will show the benefits. The scrub smells great and is totally edible if you are worried about little ones experimenting. The Meyer Lemon Sugar Scrub is a great gift for any occasion including birthdays, Mother's Day, a house-warming party, or a simple I am thinking of you gift. 

Overall, this gift cost me $12 bucks (for the coconut oil and jar) so for a poor college student this easy gift was fantastic and cheap!

Coasters for My Mom

What you need: 
    4 (4¼ x 4 ¼) tiles from Home Depot (Cost: 16 cents per tile)
    Scrapbook Paper to decorate the tile -- you can even use printed pictures
    Mod Podge
    Royal Coat: 1461 Hi-Gloss Finish
    Felt for the bottom of the tile

I tried to pick colors that would match my mom's spaces
and she loves scrabble so I found cute scrabble paper.
 First, using a ruler I measured out 4x4 squares from the scrapbook paper to glue on to the tiles. And then I used the rubber cement glue to stick the squares onto the tiles. 
I used Elmer's Cement Glue but any glue will
work to stick the paper onto the tile
Then I let the covered tiles sit for an hour just to ensure that the glue was fully dried. Then I painted the Mod Podge over top. Be careful: It made my paper wet and made it start to bubble so I found that if you worked your way from the outside towards the center it had better results. 

Finally, I let the Mod Podge dry and then went outside and sprayed the coasters with the Hi-Gloss Finish which gave the coasters a more polished and complete look. 
The finished coasters!!

These coasters were so easy and cheap, just like the Meyer Lemon Sugar Scrub it was economically friendly and fun to make. I bought a lot of tiles that day and I plan on making them for my friend's dorm room and my boyfriend's apartment while we are all off at college.  -- So I can't cross this craft off of Summer 2012's Bucket List quite yet! 

My mom has done so many amazing things for me and this is just one of the ways I want to show her how much I truly appreciate everything she has done for me in these past nineteen years! She has always been there regardless of how late it was and I am so blessed to have such a great role model to help guide me through my life.
Coasters and the scrub ready for packaging.

I re-used an old gift box that my boyfriend gave me to package the gift.
Just add a ribbon and it spices the gift up!
I had a great time spending Mother's Day with my mom. We went out to brunch with my family, my grandparents, extended family, and my boyfriend. Later that night we sat in the family room and talked and watched some television-- it was some much needed mother-daughter bonding time since I have been gone for so long!

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