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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Closure to Freshmen Year: My Year in a Nutshell

I had no idea how quickly my freshmen year of college would fly by. People told me before I left for the Mount that this would be one of the best times of my life and that I should enjoy every second of  it... or at least try. They say "a picture says a thousand words" so I'll let my pictures give you a description about my year...

Where to begin... Well for starters I am extremely blessed for having such a nice roommate... I feel like when I hear stories about people's roommate situations I always hear "Well she stole something or she has boys over 24-7" but in my situation, not to brag, my roommate and I get along perfectly! (See picture to the right). We both have curly hair and our personalities are relatively similar. We feel totally comfortable jamming to Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On", and by jamming I mean singing at the top of our lungs so our entire dorm building can hear us! Overall, I think it is easy to say that she has definitely made my freshmen experience great!

When I left for school I left more then just my house... I left my sister. The distance was really hard on her; (my closet was mostly empty because the majority of clothes I own I took with me) but we both managed and I look forward to seeing her after finals and to make sure all the belongings I left at home are safely returned!  

My younger sister and I at my cousin Jenn's wedding Sept. 2011

One night in September I got a call from my friend to come mud-sliding with her and some friends. Me-- mud-sliding? Haha don't make me laugh. But I gathered up my courage and my roommate and we headed out for Echo Field. This was definitely one of the most memorable college nights I have had yet. As I laid down in the mud I remember saying, "This is me living on the edge people". That night I was definitely living on the edge with mud covering me!  
Mudsliding on Echo Field
 The Mount has a lot of fun dances... me and my friends have spent many nights dancing into the night!
Going to 1808 on 11/11/11
Getting ready for the Christmas Dance


Baltimore Aquarium with AMP

Photo taken on the basketball court above the Supreme Court in D.C.
They called this basketball court "The High Court" because it was located right above
the actual Supreme Court!

In early March I got an opportunity to volunteer with the Mount and show students from a Russian university called SUSU the Mount, D.C., and NYC... That was one of the best weeks I have had in college and although I had a lot of make up work it was so worth it. I met so many awesome people from so many cool places! I still keep in touch with some of them and trust me when I say they speak better English then I speak Russian! 

Sitting outside the Lincoln Memorial 

Celebrating our 2 year in Down Town Frederick
I have really curly hair and for the most part I hate it... I know some people pay for curls but I am not at the level to really appreciate the frizzy days and mounds of money spent on products yet. However, I have found one benefit: 80s Night. In April, (1808, a club on campus) was holding an 80s night... needless to say my hair was ready for the occasion. With some brushing and fluffing I was ready for the girls night out. For once, I felt proud of the frizz-tastic hair I was styling.  (See below)
Getting ready for 80s Night

For spring break, I signed up to go on Habitat For Humanity with my school's Social Justice Office. This experience was amazing! The people I met and the service I did was just so incredible! When we got their the foundation was done and when we left the walls, windows, doors, and ROOF were up! I learned so many cool things, such as how to use a nail gun and a drill. I tested my comfort zone by climbing onto the roof and getting on an extension ladder for the first time. Yes, all the building was educational and fun, but the thing that made the trip so memorable was meeting Ms. Brenda!  Ms. Brenda was the woman we were building the house for and getting to know her made a huge impact on me! Ms. Brenda will always be in my prayers! (See above photo)

Lastly, I recently became the president of Educators for Justice Society. It is a society at MSM that is geared towards educating our community on local, national, and international issues. We have a partnership with Cameroon, Africa. I planned a dodge ball tournament to raise awareness and money for Cameroon. My officers and I had 6 teams show up and we raised over $170 for Cameroon. We also had teams dress in creative attire and we had teams come in togas, 80s apparel, rainbow, etc. It was a great night!

All and all my freshmen year was amazing and flew by.  I can't wait for sophomore year.

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